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Topic: Honda Ridgeline 2019 and Apple Car Play
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9/13/2018 11:03:13 PM
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Mar 2016
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Honda Ridgeline 2019 and Apple Car Play

Anyone out their have a 2019 Ridgeline with Apple Car Play and having issues with it?  
I decided to download a bunch of cd's onto my iphone 7 to play through Car Play on road trips but Car Play will only show and allow me to select a fixed number of Cd's, specifically 19. I downloaded 24 cd's to my phone and I can select and play any one of them from the music app on the phone itself, but Car Play will only show 19 of them. Don't understand why Car Play won't show all the ones I downloaded while my phone does. Any ideas?


9/14/2018 5:38:51 AM
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Aug 2008
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Go on Google and search for a Honda Ridgeline forum. Become a member and browse their website for other members having similar issues.  
There are some great information on those forums and you can even create a thread asking your problem. These websites help with a lot of issues, recalls, upgrades etc... on your vehicle.  
Now having said that Apple car play and even android auto have been known problems on Honda's and other brands of vehicles.

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