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Topic: Drug and crime Neighbourhood
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9/20/2018 6:31:19 PM
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May 2016
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Drug and crime Neighbourhood

We are thinking of moving down Brandon way and I would like to know where the drug neighbourhoods are and where the really bad crime neighbourhoods are so we know where to stay away from if anyone out there has an opinion please post to tell me or email me back We can’t even figure out from all the times were there even where the drug people hang out in your city because it is such a nice city I just want my family to be safe


9/20/2018 6:39:37 PM
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Feb 2014
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Drug and crime.?

I hear Brookwood neighbourhood is nice.Oh wait,no that's not right.They just had a meth lab bust last August of 2017.


9/20/2018 6:49:37 PM
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Apr 2007
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Good luck with that I’m sure there are drugs in every neighbourhood in the city


9/20/2018 6:56:33 PM
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Sep 2010
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I honestly believe that Brandon is too small to have “good” and “bad” neighbourhoods. The crime is everywhere it seems. On the flip side, good neighbours are also everywhere! Pick a home and area that you love


9/20/2018 9:19:24 PM
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Mar 2016
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Nice city

Brandon is a nice city. As with any city, town, or village it does have it's crime. Mostly due to drugs, as it seems like this is the catalyst that brings the unsavoury element of society into our lives. Country living is also affected. Brandon Police Service does a great job in controlling this issue, but it is an ongoing problem. There are some areas in town that may be more "active" in criminal activities. I wish you the best as we do have a lot to offer and in my opinion, the good over rides the bad!


9/20/2018 9:44:25 PM
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Aug 2009
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green acres

I don’t live there personally but there seems to be a lot of good feelings about the sense of community/small town feel in the green acres area.

Belly Fuzz

9/20/2018 10:15:06 PM
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Jul 2016
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Doesn't matter what city or town you live in there is always some crime elements. But usually the worst in any city is the core/downtown area. Same goes for Brandon.


9/20/2018 11:00:51 PM
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Nov 2010
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Stay away from main streets with traffic. House may be a good price but the traffic is not good. Noisy and dangerous especially if you have kids.


9/20/2018 11:08:49 PM
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Mar 2005
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The city of Brandons police has a crime map. It in my opinion is pretty much a great guide. My cut and paste on my computer does not work so I can not share. I just googled it so it is not hard to find.


9/21/2018 10:19:12 AM
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Apr 2006
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Actually I used to live on a Main Street and it was busy during the day, but died down a lot after work hours. And because it was on a main drag, thieves stayed away because it was too much in the open. The side streets where I lived got robbed from time to time, but never our street. And they were considered “good neighbourhoods”. West of 18th Street.


9/22/2018 1:14:33 AM
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Jan 2012
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we moved here

8 yrs ago and built a house Southwest area....past the Landmark the newer area around Magnolia street, Sycamore Street etc. Quiet area, have had no problems with any sort of drugs etc. There are newer condos, newer homes, Crocus Plains Secondary school & they are supposedly building a new school in the same area, there are also rental condos on Tracy Street as the area we live is close to the Shoppers Mall, Sobeys, Canadian Tire, Co-op, Shoppers Drug, Tim Hortons, New Restaurants etc.


9/22/2018 8:42:48 AM
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Jun 2017
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Pretty easy

0-500 blocks of 1st to 15th street aren’t places you’d be happy living. Any other address is safe and free from general riff raff (drunks, beggars, drug addicts, feeling unsafe).  
Brandon is not a dangerous city, but the area I mentioned isn’t worth the frustration.


9/22/2018 11:07:16 AM
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Feb 2013
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We live in that 500 block area west of 13th. We have never had any issues with stuff stolen from our yard. We love the neighborhood close to BU, superstore, Royal Bank, medical clinic and pharmacy just to name a few. The houses are all unique not your cookie cutter new builds.  
Our friends always tell us we live in the hood, funny thing is they are the ones that have had numerous break ins. They live in the west end.

Bob George

9/22/2018 1:40:11 PM
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Oct 2009
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The City of Brandon publishes this data....

The City of Brandon publishes this data. Use the map on the link below.


9/22/2018 3:07:13 PM
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Jun 2017
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For me personally I wont even consided a home if its anywhere under 18th st bridge/north of the tracks from 1st to 26th st or anywhere from 18th to 1st between Pacific and park Ave.


9/22/2018 10:36:04 PM
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Feb 2017
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personal experience

Like any city, crime happens. I lived in the core areas of Brandon for many years and never had a break in or other crime against me. I have also lived in the Valleyview area and had numerous vehicle thefts and garage break ins. I currently live in the southwest area and still have vehicle thefts and yard thefts. My opinion is that thieves travel to the ‘better’ areas to steal! That being said, if you aren’t involved in drugs, prostitution or other crime then you are probably safe from violent crime in any neighbourhood.


9/23/2018 8:57:23 PM
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Jun 2014
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I'll give you the real talk you're looking for Glen.  
Unfortunately Brandon has very poor city planning in regards to neighbourhoods. You'll often find a nice neighbourhood with a scummy house/housing smack dab in the middle of it which plagues the whole street. There are a few nice places though.  
- Southwest of the city, basically most places south of Richmond and West of 18th, are good. Argyle Courts has some trouble though, and with so many apartments in the area you're bound to get one or two crooks, but by and large they're good areas.  
- Pretty much everything west of 34th is good, though there is housing close to the jogging path that has bad elements in it. Usually they don't cross over 34th but it happens.  
- The north hill has some good neighbourhoods, but avoid going close to the tracks and the river at all costs, though if you must don't go east past 26th. Downtown and the few blocks around it are cesspits. Remember we had a huge flood which caused havoc for most of the neighbourhooods at bottom of the north hill, so I would avoid buying there.  
- Avoid East of 18th, north of Richmond. That area of Brandon is the worst crime and drug wise. The biggest contrast of really nice houses surrounded by slum lord housing. The worst places in the city are east of 18th north of Park Ave.  
Generally try to avoid apartment complexes and other temporary housing (unless it's a high class building, minimum 1000+/month rent), avoid areas around the 7/11s and Superstore, avoid main avenues. Brandon is terrible for housing, you'll find people who spent thousands of dollars fixing up a home they're selling for 170k+ beside a dilapidated 3 story old brick house where people play the drums at 4 in the morning and there's constant semi-feral cats prowling through your yard and near infant children playing unattended in the street. You're going to have to spend a pretty penny to live somewhere nice but believe me, the cost is worth it, you'll regret it every single day if you try to go moderate or cheap. Don't get suckered in to buying a house outside of the top shelf areas, people are going to have a rude awakening in 15-20 years trying to sell in what those neighbourhoods are going to become by that time.


9/23/2018 9:53:52 PM
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Feb 2017
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“Unfortunately Brandon has very poor city planning in regards to neighbourhoods. You'll often find a nice neighbourhood with a scummy house/housing smack dab in the middle of it which plagues the whole street. There are a few nice places though. “  
What a horribly prejudicial statement.


9/23/2018 10:32:33 PM
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Mar 2008
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We’re on 500 block of 13th and it isn’t as bad as people are making this area out to be. I have no issue walking the dog through our neighborhood, and have met some people in the area who seem genuinely nice. And if you go a couple blocks west of us you’ll find some of the most amazing looking homes in all of Brandon!  
Have I had my truck gone through? Yeah, but only because I forgot to lock it. That’ll happen in every single neighborhood guaranteed. We get a little bit of riff raff occasionally, but again I think every neighborhood does. The one thing that does happen more in this area is our garbage and recycling will be gone though more often. But the cans never get dumped over or anything like that.  
If you were to ask me where I wouldn’t live in Brandon, I’d say between the main tracks and the river from 18th east, the area from about 1st to 8th and Pacific to Park, and maybe way out on Rosser east.


9/23/2018 10:55:18 PM
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Nov 2005
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To the OP

From the responses from The_Great_Poobah and Trevor I'd have to say The_Great_Poobah is a little over the top with his response and Trevor is a lot closer to to what I see the city like.  
I've lived fairly close to Trevor's area and would agree with his comments about that area. No one knows what it might be like in 15 or 20 years though. Farther west or south might be a better choice down the road.


9/24/2018 9:45:14 AM
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Feb 2014
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Brandon isnt that bad the past few years yes there's been a pretty big meth problem but were not the only city, it's one those things that just happens for awhile. But you also have to remember the better area you want to stay dosent matter the city is going to reflect your dollar amount. So yes westend, southend, and father up north are the best areas. Try to stay away from downtown and central area. But any place can have crime.


9/24/2018 5:07:25 PM
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Apr 2018
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What are

Peoples thoughts on streets that have no back lanes? If you live in such an area, maybe it's harder for riff raff to come and go undetected?  
I'd also question if a house has a garage attached to the front as opposed to the old style where detached garages are the norm. Having a garage attached, it blocks your view from the steet so maybe less crime is spotted?


10/11/2018 3:37:53 PM
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Jul 2014
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I have lived in a lot of areas in the city. The only place I would not want to live is near 7-Eleven or Timmy’s too much garbage thrown out in neighborhood.


10/11/2018 5:03:56 PM
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Aug 2013
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comeonsummer said "“Unfortunately Brandon has very poor city planning in regards to neighbourhoods. You'll often find a nice neighbourhood with a scummy house/housing smack dab in the middle of it which plagues the whole street. There are a few nice places though. “  
What a horribly prejudicial statement. "

Im not sure how what that person said is a horrible prjudicial statement?


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