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Topic: World Record Attempt


10/4/2018 4:01:25 PM
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Jan 2011
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World Record Attempt

Who is going to the Brave the Shave event on Saturday? Have you all heard that it has been moved to the Roadhouse now. I have a friend of mine shaving their head so if you know anyone taking part be sure they know that they it has moved!


10/4/2018 7:45:14 PM
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Dec 2017
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Email &; Phone

I am going.  
The coordinator emailed & said they will phone anyone who doesn’t respond to the email.  
Hopefully they still get enough at the new location to beat the record. For me I like that it is in town at an easier to find location. Hope they don’t have to pay for the location as it would take away from the money raised for the charity,  
Going to be a lot of cold heads out there soon.


10/4/2018 8:33:47 PM
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Apr 2009
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For everyone's support! Quentin worked real hard today to find a new location, and we are thankful for the many amazing people in the area who offered up locations.  
We are indeed going to be holding it at The Roadhouse from 2-3pm on oct 6th. We are still in need of some more participants, who can contact me at  
All proceeds will go to the Canadian Cancer Society and their bladder cancer programs.  
This event will help to show our community spirit, and show the world that Westman is a community of champions in the fight against cancer. It is a moment in time where we all have a reason, a moment to come together, to claim our unity against this terrible disease.  
We are also in DESPERATE need of two replacement witnesses under the following criteria:  
"Independent professionals from the community – Local attorneys, government officials, accountants, and police officers are some examples of valid witnesses, provided they are suitably independent, and are present at the event with the sole purpose of acting as a witness. For example, a security officer whose duty is to maintain order at a mass participation event would not be a valid witness, since he/she is performing a different duty and so will not always be able to act in the capacity of a witness."  
As a side note, the Honourable Mr Chrest has already been contacted, but is away this weekend. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.


10/4/2018 9:07:37 PM
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Jan 2011
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I just saw

On Facebook they are in need of a few more brave souls to shave their heads! Here's the link of you are interested


10/6/2018 7:32:14 AM
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Apr 2009
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Thank you all for your support!

Stay tuned, we hope to have Westman recognized as new World Record Holders by the end of the day!  
We still have a need for more head Shave participants!  
Sign up below:


10/6/2018 8:04:56 PM
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Feb 2009
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Great event!!

Thanks to all the men, women and children who Braved The Shave!  
Thanks to the barber Quentin Derhak who did an amazing job!  
Thanks to Amber and Brian from Grim Acres for putting on this event for such a great cause!  
Thanks to the Roadhouse for hosting the event!  
All of you helped raise the importance of fighting cancer!


10/7/2018 11:30:05 PM
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Jan 2011
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How many people got shaved and what is the record?


10/8/2018 9:52:54 AM
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Apr 2009
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Thank you for your support and question. I am going to attempt to answer your inquiry.  
Our goal to break the record was 76 people. Quentin and his assistant worked HARD during the course of the hour, and Westman has every reason to be proud of him for his dedication and hard work for this cause. While the record was not broken, an amazing amount of effort was put forth, and a long lasting tribute to the Derhaks was made, as everyone at the event displayed to the world that we are a community of champions who will always stand and support one another through thick and thin, no matter what it takes.  
By the time the event started, we had 81 registered head shave participants, over 150 supporters, and even when the hour was up, Quentin and his team still helped to shave the heads of anyone who still wanted to have theirs done as a show of solidarity and support for loved ones. The efforts of Quentin and our participants showed that we are indeed #westmanproud and #grimstrong!  
As a result, over $8000 was the amount that was raised about mid way through the event in support of bladder cancer programs for the Canadian Cancer Society. The money has been dropped off to the appropriate people, and once we have a final total, we will let everyone know by friday on our Grim Acres Scare Away Cancer Facebook site, as that number has grown significantly as we have a few last minute donations still coming in. Anyone wishing to still donate to the cause can go to the Canadian Cancer Society office this week, or also donate online on the link below:  
Again, thank you to all who supported the Derhaks, the event, the cause, and most importantly, the community.  
As a result of this event, we will be working on a Brave the Shave, Smash the 'Stache in another year and half in spring of 2020, with potential for this to become an event every two years.  
Special thanks to Westman Communications for their sponsorship, and The Great Western Roadhouse for their venue site.  


10/12/2018 9:18:02 AM
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Apr 2009
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Final fundraising amount

Hello everyone, this will be my last post for this event on this thread as I want to close it up.  
Final amount raised was $18,366.68, 100% of which goes to support bladder cancer programs in the Canadian Cancer Society, which will help many many many people across Manitoba and right here in Westman!  
Thank you to everyone for your support!  


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