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Topic: Rural Internet
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10/5/2018 9:08:00 AM
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Sep 2010
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Rural Internet

What are the options for internet service in a rural area? Around South Pelican Lake./East of Killarney area? Enough bandwidth for streaming/gaming. Possible providers and costs? Will be new to area but haven't done much research on options yet.


10/5/2018 9:37:12 AM
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Jul 2012
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satellite internet

Is about your only option eg: NetSet. It’s very expensive especially if you stream or game. Sorry!


10/5/2018 11:37:49 AM
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Nov 2012
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satellite vs netset

I’m going to assume you play online games like MMO’s. I currently have explornet satellite internet and I play WOW religiously. With latency at around 1,000ms things can get dicey. It means I can’t raid, do mythic dungeons or partake in PVP. With netset, speeds are about the same with latency around 100ms. We had to switch to satellite because trees block our connection...there has to be a physical sight line between your tower and netset’s tower. The prices are almost identical...roughly $150 to $180 per month depending on your package. I hope this helps!  
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10/5/2018 6:05:38 PM
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Jun 2012
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if you want to move

the municipalities of hamiota,yellowhead and prairievew have their own highspeed internet. 100mbs at 30ms latency (approx) for a whopping fifty bucks or so a  
month data limits. great for gaming


10/7/2018 8:30:33 PM
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Aug 2011
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radio or satellite

NetSet is awesome if you can get a good line of sight to the tower which they do have in both Pelican Lake and Killarney.  
If you are in a heavily treed or terrained area then you will need to look at Xplornet because they are satellite


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