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Topic: Basement Renovation

one more thing..

10/8/2018 8:21:57 AM
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Nov 2008
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Basement Renovation

I'm looking for recommendations from people on who they have used to do basement renovations.  
I'm looking for someone who is a journeyman carpenter not just a handyman.  
Looking for someone reliable and honest.  
Our basement is completely unfinished. We know what we want for a floorplan but are also open to suggestions from the contractor.  
Along with your suggestions does anyone know if carpenters also draw out scale floor plans? Or is there a specific company I go to, to get a floor plan drawn up?  
Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone


10/8/2018 10:57:30 AM
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Jan 2018
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Travis Taylor Construction

Would hands down recommend Travis Taylor construction for the carpentry portion of your reno, very efficient, knowledgeable and reliable guy. If you are also looking for an electrician to wire your new renovation give me a call or text 2047208426 I am a fully licensed and insured electrician you can also check out my website for more info/free quote by googling Smalls Electrical Services. I also have connection with a licensed plumber/gas-fitter if there is some plumbing needing done as well. Hope that helps a bit have a good day.


10/8/2018 11:08:32 AM
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Oct 2015
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I can help you out.

I get your point about wanting QUALIFED help, but a journeyman carpenter doesn't usually draw up the blueprints, install the wiring and plumbing, and then paint the walls. A GOOD "handyman" is a much better option than hiring a general contractor or recruiting all the other trades required on a project this size.[IMHO] If you'd like to discuss my opinion and share some of my experience please drop me a text at 807 407 5209 and we can talk about it.

one more thing..

10/8/2018 12:43:24 PM
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Nov 2008
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thanks for the info so far. I hear what you're saying oldshoemaker. Just to be a bit more specific. I'll be the general on the reno. I'm handy enough to do the reno myself I just don't have the time or the want to do it myself (i'll do my own plumbing). I'm looking for a journeyman carpenter to frame, insulate and vapor barrier. I have an electrician and drywaller already lined up. I'm not doubting there are many good handymen out there but i'm looking for licensed trade people. Just a personal preference. Thank you for your offer tho. It's appreciated I will look into Travis Taylor.


10/8/2018 6:19:18 PM
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Mar 2009
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Carpenter &; Electrician

Available, call me 204-721-0606 we will give you a quote.


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