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Topic: Cheapest place to get install and balance on a tire?
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10/17/2018 1:24:15 PM
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Sep 2009
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Cheapest place to get install and balance on a tire?

I have tires already, need to get them installed and balanced. Anyone know the cheapest place and what they charge?


10/17/2018 1:37:54 PM
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Jan 2010
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k k Penner

About 100-120 dollars


10/17/2018 3:50:47 PM
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Jan 2014
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usually cheapest where you bought them


10/17/2018 3:59:53 PM
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Jun 2011
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We just went through this not that long ago. I called around to most places and they were all pretty close in price. Only a couple dollar difference between them.  
We ended up just going to fountain tire


10/18/2018 1:19:53 AM
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Feb 2014
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Minute Muffler on 9th south of SuperStore.


10/18/2018 11:04:07 AM
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Jun 2017
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Just had tires done the other day at kal tire. Total after tax was 125. Book in asap because many tire shops are quite busy now that seasonal changeovers are happening.


11/8/2018 1:01:12 PM
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Aug 2014
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I tried several places and they're proven to be the cheapest


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