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Topic: Does anyone have a great Million Dollar Relish Recipe
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10/29/2018 7:08:25 PM
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Mar 2010
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Does anyone have a great Million Dollar Relish Recipe

I used to have an awesome Million $ Relish Recipe from 40 years ago but it somehow disappeared. I found some recipes on Google and tried a few. Unfortunately they didn't turn out as well as decades ago. They appeared darker than I remembered and I I used 7% vinegar which gave them too bitter a taste. Thanks in advance, I just love cucumber relish.


10/29/2018 11:13:19 PM
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Jul 2012
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Was this the recipe you tried?  
Being that it's Canadian, and passed on at least one generation it kind of fit your description of where you got the recipe. I really hope you do find a good recipe and come back to share the winner here :-D


10/30/2018 7:35:28 AM
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Jun 2011
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Company’s Coming Preserves cookbook has a good one. I’ve used it for years.


10/30/2018 1:37:13 PM
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Apr 2018
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just me

Hihave used this recipe for years . 3qts . cukes (15 med.), 1qt onions , 3 sweet red peppers , 3green peppers , 1Tbsp. celery seed , 1 qt. vinegar ,5cups white sugar ,1 TBSP turmeric ,2 TBSP> dry mustard . Put vegetables through coarse blade of chopper . cover with brine of 3/4 c salt to 2 cups water , let stand overnight . drain well . Add sugar spices and .vinegar . cook over med. heat until vegetables are tender. pack into sterile jars .


10/30/2018 6:26:22 PM
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Mar 2010
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Yes that Bloomingarden recipe was the one I tried.. altho I think my direction following wasn't as exact as it could have been.  
Farm girl.. thanks for the Company's coming recipe.. I will try that one  
Ford.. many thanks for your recipe.. I will definitely try yours as well.


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