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Topic: Decorated Sugar cookies
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11/7/2018 7:36:43 PM
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Jul 2008
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Decorated Sugar cookies

Does anyone know of anyone who makes decorated sugar cookies? The lady I usually get from is booked for November. Looking for ones similar to the ones that Well Dressed Cakes would have. Tried searching on Facebook but no luck.


11/7/2018 7:50:08 PM
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Jan 2010
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Have you tried Kuipers Bakery or the new bakery Chez Angela? They may be able to do custom orders.


11/7/2018 8:26:47 PM
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Oct 2010
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Have you tried Hillbilly Hills Cookies? They are on Instagram and have a Facebook page. They make the decorated sugar cookies for Forbidden flavours as well. Soooo delicious. Best sugar cookies we’ve had around here since sweet temptations closed!


11/7/2018 8:35:39 PM
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Jul 2008
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I haven’t tried her but I will message her. Thank you! That is exactly what I’m looking for.


11/7/2018 8:38:13 PM
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Sep 2010
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Courtney’s creations

Courtney has cute holiday cookies! She’s on fb as well and her shop is on 18th


11/7/2018 9:15:27 PM
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Oct 2010
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Would these be the same type that were sold at the bakery in the town centre years ago? Those were great when I was a kid. Had hard icing with a picture on them....

Slo mo

11/7/2018 9:24:45 PM
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Apr 2005
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Boissevain Bakery

Check out their Facebook page for daily updates on Christmas backing.


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