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Topic: Maternity Clothing
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11/8/2018 2:24:55 PM
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Nov 2011
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Maternity Clothing

Any idea's where to get maternity clothing in Brandon? Is it just that one uniform store on Park that sells it now?  


11/8/2018 3:20:24 PM
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Feb 2010
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Walmart is selling maternity clothes again. It's across from the purses if I remember correctly (baby brain!)


11/9/2018 4:07:16 AM
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Jul 2015
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2nd hand

If you are okay with second hand, check value village or super thrift.


11/9/2018 8:45:05 AM
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Nov 2011
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I didn't realize Walmart had maternity back again. I also didn't think about the super thrift store, checked Value Village but they never seem to have much.  
Thanks again!


11/9/2018 9:10:09 AM
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May 2010
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You can order online from Old Navy as well. If it helps, at around 150 lbs. in my second trimester and 5 ft. 6, I was still an extra small in their maternity clothing. Went up  
to size small as my pregnancy progressed.


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