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Topic: Maililng Xmas parcels-speed of delivery?


12/5/2018 11:03:35 AM
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Oct 2009
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Maililng Xmas parcels-speed of delivery?

Has anyone sent/received Xmas parcels to other parts of Canada yet? I am just wondering if the speed has picked up, now that the workers have been ordered back on to the job. I hate to send anything if I'm just adding to the glut of undelivered. Have you sent/received anything that got through?


12/5/2018 11:13:09 AM
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Jul 2017
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I'm currently tracking a parcel that should have left Mississauga on the 25th. I haven't had any tracking update other than a message every day that says 'location: Canada, delivery may be delayed due to postal strike'. On a normal schedule it would have been scanned in Winnipeg last Wednesday and received last Friday.  
So yes I think there is some delay, but it hasn't been that long yet for me anyway. I do a lot of letters for my work and haven't noticed a problem with lettermail or packages sent within Manitoba. I think it is only parcels at particular (bigger) sorting centres that are backed up.


12/5/2018 11:16:31 AM
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Oct 2017
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Haven’t tried Canada post . During the strike I was told they were back logged over a month . So I just went with purolator just to be safe . Item took a week to get from Toronto .


12/5/2018 11:52:40 AM
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Jul 2016
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Parcels delayed

I purchased an item Nov 26 and expected date of delivery was Dec 4th. Today [Dec 5th] I checked the status again. It was coming from Montreal and has several lines of "delay due to labour disruption". Seems it is now in Winnipeg yet my expected delivery date is now Dec 13th - they must be sending it by mule train from Winnipeg to Brandon.


12/5/2018 11:55:06 AM
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May 2010
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Normal to me

Regina to SW Manitoba was overnite.


12/5/2018 3:56:48 PM
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Jan 2014
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seems good

Everything I have ordered previously has gotten here quickly and before estimated arrival date. We did have one parcel back during the strike that took an extra week


12/5/2018 4:11:19 PM
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Nov 2018
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tlr said "Regina to SW Manitoba was overnite. "

Wow you must be special. Takes about 3 days to just mail a letter from Brandon to Winnipeg with Canada Post.  
If I wanted to make sure something got there for Christmas I would look at other couriers.

Fishin Guy

12/5/2018 5:51:00 PM
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Dec 2005
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Mailed with tracking to Edmonton less than a week. Out by Toronto a week.

Just an opinion

12/5/2018 6:18:13 PM
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Sep 2008
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Canada post

Parcel Mailed from Halifax Monday dec3 express post got it today.  
All my parcels from Amazon order last Wed 28 in the evening arrived yesterday all were Canada post.m  
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