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Topic: favorite (kind of dog)
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3/21/2011 9:41:49 PM
Member since:
May 2010
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favorite (kind of dog)

kind of dog and why??  
Moderator added (kind of dog)to title so as to indicate topic.


3/21/2011 9:46:49 PM
Member since:
May 2009
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i love my chocolate lab!!! pretty much all i have ever owned have been labs, pure bred and cross bred!


3/21/2011 9:49:18 PM
Member since:
Jun 2008
Total posts:3450

My mutt.. Because he's my mutt, and I love him and he loves me lol  
But realllly I favor cats... I would like at least 5 of them one day... Seriously lol!!!  


3/21/2011 9:50:02 PM
Member since:
Mar 2009
Total posts:574

definetaly German Shepherd! they are so smart and absolutely beautiful dogs, I have a German Shepherd cross Belgian Malamois and he is a sweety!


3/21/2011 9:57:10 PM
Member since:
Jul 2009
Total posts:746
boxer :)

i love my boxer! i will never have another type of dog! they are so spunky and hilarious and energetic, it makes me happy no matter how sad i am!


3/21/2011 10:03:49 PM
Member since:
May 2006
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my chinese crested powder puff. smart and energenic. but small enough to be a lap dog. besides not many around which I really like!

Alexander Keith

3/21/2011 10:33:17 PM
Member since:
Jun 2008
Total posts:327

We have 2 dogs and wouldn't trade the mutt for anything but the boxer is without a doubt the one that provides the most entertainment. I think most dogs have something different to offer but they all offer unconditional love ....


3/21/2011 11:46:02 PM
Member since:
Sep 2010
Total posts:32
boston terriers <:3

i love boston terriers, because they don't shed, such good behaved dogs, and the cutest things EVERRRR! <:3


3/21/2011 11:55:02 PM
Member since:
Sep 2010
Total posts:86
I love my mastiff!

I grew up with the sweetest, biggest baby who is a mastiff cross and who also thinks he is a lap dog! I am looking into getting a dog of my own and I have done a lot of research on Bernese mountain dogs, such a beautiful breed and great companions. Can't wait to be back in a place of my own so I can have pets again


3/22/2011 12:19:30 AM
Member since:
Apr 2007
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I love my aussies

I have 2 1/2 australian shepherds (one is a aussie/chow cross) and I love them so much! They are versatile dogs who love to play and cuddle! They are great working dogs and very easy to train to do obedience and rally o and Flyball.....nothing BUTT aussies will do!


3/22/2011 12:30:06 AM
Member since:
May 2010
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Hairless Chinese Crested

We've had our Hairless Chinese Crested for almost a year and just love him. He's a clown and hilarious to watch. He's quite the performer and has been no trouble at all.


3/22/2011 12:39:26 AM
Member since:
Apr 2008
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raimbowwwwwwwwww said "kind of dog and why??  
Moderator added (kind of dog)to title so as to indicate topic."



3/22/2011 12:46:48 AM
Member since:
Oct 2010
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Nicole.S said "My mutt.. Because he's my mutt, and I love him and he loves me lol  
But realllly I favor cats... I would like at least 5 of them one day... Seriously lol!!!  

That's fine, Nicole...just as long as you don't start speaking gibberish while throwing the cats at people.  
As for dogs, any dog that's strong and smart enough to drag my unconscious body out of a burning building is what I'd consider a good dog.


3/22/2011 12:46:58 AM
Member since:
Nov 2010
Total posts:32
All Kinds :)

I just LOVE dogs!! Growing up we have had German Shephards, Golden Retrievers, Pomeranians, Mini Dachshund, Sheltie, Rottie, Cockapoo, and Puggle. I i have LOVED them all. I currently have a Golden Retriever, Sheltie and Puggle. The Sheltie was kind of a surprise as i was quite happy with just 2 dogs but when i heard she was being tossed because she was not producing pups i knew i couldn't turn my back on her! My parents have a Shephard and Mini Dachshund and honestly i'd be more afraid of the Doxie LOL.


3/22/2011 2:13:45 AM
Member since:
Oct 2008
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each dog is great!

I have had many different kinds of dogs- german sheppard, samoyed, chihuahua, boxer, heeler, and most recent dog a neopolitan mastiff pup... they have all had unique physical appearances and personalities and I love(d) them all..hard to pick a favorite!


3/22/2011 2:15:56 AM
Member since:
Jan 2011
Total posts:794
Doberman Pincher

non cropped ears ..... woof


3/22/2011 2:25:00 AM
Member since:
Oct 2008
Total posts:3193

My sister has 2 little pugs n i love them haha plus their fun to be around


3/22/2011 2:32:31 AM
Member since:
Sep 2008
Total posts:1230
i <3 my lab

They are the most loyal easygoing gentle with her kids, but would die for her family, so protective.. She is yellow and 9 years old and an amazing girl..  
I also have a shih tzu lhasa cross and am very impressed with how quiet, calm, gentle, and very intelligent he is, he is now 3..  
I also love shepherds, I had one for years and what an amazing dedicated sweet dog, would have another in a heartbeat if I had the room!

Miss Peach

3/22/2011 6:24:28 AM
Member since:
Oct 2008
Total posts:35
Always research the breeds you may want and don't forget the rescues!

We love our two Siberian Huskies. (FFF)  
Great Family Dogs, SUPER smart suckie babies.  
lol They do love to RUN!(and don't always come back.)  
They also shed at the end of the winter. Fluff attack!  
You can do anything to ours and they won't bite. Super Gentle!  
Each dog has it's own personalitly:  
One of ours is a cuddler lick lick lick and the other is a jock. They wrestle like bears outside. PIN!  
Gentle wrestlers... and do sumersaults and high fives.  
They LOVE to pull on leash. We're working on this ;)  
Would love to to teach them to pull a sled/load, dh has been looking into it.  
I love my beautiful dogs~!


3/22/2011 7:42:24 AM
Member since:
Dec 2010
Total posts:243

I enjoy the husky breeds both siberian and mals. seeing as I own a Mal myself they got the vote at 50.1%. And as Miss Peach stated great dogs to have and care for. Miss Peach my dogs traits are just about cookie cutter as your two Sibs! I am DREADING the shedding season right around the corner!!!


3/22/2011 8:09:05 AM
Member since:
Mar 2011
Total posts:13
American Bulldogs & Pitbull Terriers <3

I used to have an American Bulldog that passed away about a year ago, and he was one of the best behaved dogs I have ever owned. At 120lbs, my 2yr old son could walk him down the street without any problems.  
We now own a Pitbull Terrier, who has been a wonderful addition to our family!


3/22/2011 8:13:03 AM
Member since:
Jan 2009
Total posts:254

I love the borde collies and the great pyrenese best... both loving a loyal


3/22/2011 8:26:22 AM
Member since:
Jan 2009
Total posts:2791

I can't choose just one.  
Top of my list are the German Shepherds (love them all, from short haired, to long hair. I want to get another Shepherd in the future).  
But I also love Great Danes, Bernese Mountain Dog, King Shepherd, any type of Husky, Saarlooswolfhond, and Landseer, just to name a few.


3/22/2011 8:29:27 AM
Member since:
Aug 2009
Total posts:1089

Rotties for sure! Just an amazing companion: affectionate, fun but ready in a heartbeat to protect. The ones I've been around were fantastic with kids of all ages. They were well behaved, could be left alone for long stretches with no behavioral problems and they were so loyal. Beautiful animals.

~Just ME~

3/22/2011 8:36:59 AM
Member since:
Dec 2010
Total posts:226
weiner dogs..

I have two. They are the best. do not shed!!


3/22/2011 8:53:22 AM
Member since:
Sep 2007
Total posts:123

Have one choc lab would love a yellow to go with her. The wife wants to add a pomeranian to the stable.


3/22/2011 9:10:56 AM
Member since:
Apr 2013
Total posts:0

I love them.  
And Husky's, they are great family dogs and perfect for manitoban weather.  
I also love german shepards. RIP maxine


3/22/2011 9:14:13 AM
Member since:
Jan 2010
Total posts:25
Sib Huskies

They are so smart and great companions. Though research is key into their traits as some Siberian traits are difficult for new dog owners to grow accustomed too.  
My Husband loves Chow Chows has had them his whole life, but i wasn't willing to pay 1k per puppy so we rescued 2 sib huskies.  
It has been a trial! But i wouldn't trade any of my chewed shoes, latenight drives trying to find where they ran too after a guest held the door open too long, the many birds and stray cats that got into our yard and never left, my flower beds, and the warm fuzzy feeling of being owned by a Siberian for anything.  


3/22/2011 9:22:05 AM
Member since:
Jun 2007
Total posts:9023
border collie

i like border collies because there loyal and easy to train, ne of my dogs even herded a pig back to the barn when it got out with no training, pigs are hard to herd lol  
i've also had a rott that was about as tall as me but i'm sure would hold the flash light for a robber lol.... if they had the guts to walk past him


3/22/2011 9:24:08 AM
Member since:
Feb 2010
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