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2/28/2012 2:55:18 PM
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Oct 2010
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Tutti Frutti

I went to Tutti Frutti yesterday and was kind of dissapointed. They had 3 flavours not working, the ones not working were of course the good ones like pineapple and lemon. Toppings were ok, but not very fresh, they were almost out of strawberries, and instead of real fruit they had like pie filling for some toppings, i thought that was kinda gross...oh well each to their own. I went to a self-serve Frozen yogurt in Vegas, and there is NO comparison at all. They had like 15 different kinds of yogurt, and toppings galore! Probably about 50 different toppings, hot and cold! It was excellent! I know Brandon is new to Tutti Frutti but iron out the creases before you open...


2/29/2012 11:05:55 AM
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Sep 2009
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Shugga ..Your comment is not only ignorantly rude but really does astounded me. Comparing Brandon tutti frutti to something in vegas doesn't even register on the same account!..Of course Vegas would have a large supply/quantity ..look how much larger it is then Brandon duh. As for machines being out of commission ..well that's a no brainer..when they run out of a flavor they obviously have to shut them off so they can make and load a new well did you ever think that toppings may be low since they very busy? To explain it a little more that means they are going through toppings quickly and chances are that means that they are fresh! ...Having to replenish them and all! I would say just by doing a quick survey and judging by the way they seem to be busy non stop that all the creases are ironed out and that people like you are just in the mood to complain and make unrealistic comparisons..Vegas awaits!

jason d.

2/29/2012 11:19:45 AM
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Sep 2008
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How do you iron out creases that you don't know exist? Next time tell the staff so they have a chance to fix the problem.


2/29/2012 11:28:06 AM
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Oct 2010
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Tutti Frutti

The yogurt itself was very good. But was disappointed with the lack of fruit as a topping. It had health benefits on the bowl, but no real health benefits for the majority of toppings.  
The staff was very helpful though, and the store itself was great.  
I think next time we would just stick with the yogurt and no toppings.


3/7/2012 4:37:08 PM
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Jan 2008
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Went today...

Went today and there were lots of flavors. Definitely, don't need to take the large cup that is for sure unless you want to spend a fortune Nice establishment. Cost $9.00 for two 1/2 filled smalls with modest toppings. Not bad, but I wasn't filled up after by any means.  
As far as the comments on here about the cup sizes, I would guess that is how they make their money as you tend to put more in when you have a bigger cup even if you are trying not too - that's a no brainer money maker LOL I hope this establishment does well!


3/7/2012 5:07:31 PM
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Feb 2012
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Nelle said "When and where in Brandon ? Love frozen yogurt ! "

Its on 18th street right next to the Great Candaian Oil Change! ALREADY OPEN!


3/7/2012 6:02:39 PM
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Nov 2010
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Been a few times already

I absolutley love Tutti Frutti! I havent had a flavour yet that I didn't like and I find every flavour tastes real (not like some of the artificial flavourings you get)  
I will say that I have gotten the same amount of yogurt on two different occasions and the first time with no toppings spent very little, however the second time I added a few (not much) of toppings and the price almost doubled. When paying by the ounce the toppings will kill you especially if you are getting things that have a fair weight to them. Plus the toppings only ruin the taste of the yogurt (in my opinion)  
I wish they had a frequent buyer card (similar to the type that Child's place offers) where after 10 or 20 visits you get 10% back of what you have spent towards your next purchase. They would be the only place on "the strip" that offers something like this and it may actually encourage people to go there over the competitors.  
PS. The Mango rocks!!!

'Allo Duckie!

3/7/2012 6:29:19 PM
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Nov 2007
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Was there today

TDL said "The yogurt itself was very good. But was disappointed with the lack of fruit as a topping. It had health benefits on the bowl, but no real health benefits for the majority of toppings.  
The staff was very helpful though, and the store itself was great.  
I think next time we would just stick with the yogurt and no toppings. "

and loaded mine up with lots of yummy fresh fruit toppings including strawberries, blueberries and blackberries  
Great now I'm craving it again!!  

Truck Chick

3/7/2012 8:19:52 PM
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Jun 2006
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*Mittens* said "
Rob said "i don't really think the cup size matters guys, seriously, just don't fill the big cups......a smaller cup is going to save you 2 cents. Went to tutti frutti, my wife and I both had good size servings of yogurt and fruit, cost $7.80 for both. very reasonably priced, I agree that DQ  
may notice a difference this summer, but I'm sure there will still be a line for ice cream. "

i just dont fill the cup. And I dont care about the 2 cents, it is what others have said. My kids feel like they are getting jipped when I fill the cup they have with a bit in the bottom. "

We went in the other night and the smaller cups are badly needed for the 4-8 set :-)

Nicole K

3/7/2012 10:04:17 PM
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Dec 2008
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Favorite flavors HAVE to be...

Taro and Lychee...oh so good!


3/7/2012 10:08:25 PM
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Sep 2010
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cookies and cream

has anyone had this flavour yet?? im dying to try it but it hasnt been out when we have been there.  
my favourite so far is is incredible!! the taro is also good!! mmmm i want some...  
Edited by sammy, 2012-03-07 22:10:21

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