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Topic: Happy Paws doggy day care?
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3/21/2013 6:41:05 AM
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May 2009
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Happy Paws doggy day care?

Does anyone know what's happen to Happy Paws doggy day care I have been calling for 2 days at different times no answer I think this is the right number 727 2503

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3/23/2013 9:48:15 AM
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Jan 2009
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try their website

Depending on when you call they may be out back or not able to hear the phone. I normally connect through their email or Facebook page


3/23/2013 9:54:48 AM
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Nov 2010
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They should invest in a cordless and have it with them then, because having a phone number and not answering it is bad for business, also shows how much you care about your customers.


3/23/2013 4:07:10 PM
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Mar 2012
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same thing

happened to me last fall- tried calling multiple times, left a msg with name & #, nobody ever got back to me. i just assumed it had gone out of business.

Manitoba Resident

3/23/2013 4:27:39 PM
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Oct 2010
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It's gone to the dogs:)

We have taken our dogs & foster dogs there. Everytime we have gone in, the staff is focusing on the animals. They do a fantastic job! Take a look at their Facebook page, and you'll see they're still open  


4/7/2013 9:00:15 PM
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Nov 2011
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Training a puppy:

1. Puppies will want to dominate situations and it will bite for sure. If the puppy does anything you don’t want it to do you must correct it by immediately saying NO only once. Never say NO more than once. At that same moment you gently grab the scruff of it’s neck and give it a firm shake and then hold it down while you growl at it. I know it sounds silly but you must behave at the dog’s level of logic. By doing this you can train it quickly. You behave like the big boss dog and the leader of the pack. It will naturally want to follow your lead and challenge you when it gets bigger. This will not upset the dog like a spanking will upset a dog. When it gets older it may challenge you and growl at you or bite. An experienced trainer can help you if your dog becomes dominant over you and you can’t make it stop. You must not allow biting to continue. The next thing a dominant dog will definitely do is it will bite somebody else. Biting a person is a fatal mistake that can have your dog destroyed. That little shake by the scruff is all it takes to make it stop.  
2. You want your puppy to go pee & poo outside, not on the rug. It will definitely need to go outside within 15-20 minutes of eating and drinking. It will pee more often than that if it always has water so don’t always give it water. Feed it in the morning and then at 5:00 before you eat your supper. Then it’s not so hungry when your dinner is on the table. Put paper outside the door to get it started going outside if it’s very young. Put it out a few minutes after it eats and drinks and then don’t let it back into the house until it’s finished. Put a coat on the dog if it’s cold outside. Be there to praise every success. Tell it to “take a pee” when it pees and tell it to “take a poo” when it poos. It will quickly learn the meaning of those words and it will pee and poo on command. The dog will learn that all trips outside are for these purposes. Make everything a clear routine and the dog will quickly learn the routine. Praise every success. Tell it what you want and then correct it until it does it. Do not let the dog do anything like jump up on your furniture until you tell it to do it. You will be amazed how that subtle repeating routine will work out in your favor. The dog should wait at a doorway until you tell it to go out.  
3. Teach the dog to speak to you on command. Your dog will come and get you by barking softly when it wants outside. It will answer your questions. The first trick is harder to teach but once the dog learns a trick the next trick is easier. Feed it by hand. Let it get good and hungry before you feed it again. Do not give it all the food it wants all the time. Give it lots of clean water but not all of the time. Take food away after it stops eating. If you don’t do that you will lose control of the most powerful training device you have. A hungry dog is a healthy dog. Feed it nothing after 5:00 PM to clean it out before bedtime. It won’t mess in the house at night unless it eats late. Take a few minutes with it in the morning to teach it to speak, sit, stay, and get a reward of food bits that you feed by hand. The dog learns that everything comes from you. Teach it to be patient and wait. It will worship you and love you if you control all the food and water. Don’t treat it like a person. It will not understand you unless you treat it like it’s a dog.  
4. Do not yell at, spank it or strike it, ever. It will have no instinctive idea about that sort of behavior because that behavior does not exist in nature. Striking will only ruin your dog’s character. Your only correction should be shaking the dog’s scruff gently or more firmly if necessary. Growling makes perfect sense to a dog and it will not repeat anything it knows you don’t want, if it understands clearly what you don’t want it to do. Be clear about your commands. If you catch it peeing in the house you say NO once and quickly put it outside by saying “OUTSIDE” while you growl, shake it by the scruff and put it out. It will quickly learn. The growl and shake does not make it fear you. It makes the dog respect you. After the dog is 7 – 8 months old, take it to an obedience school. The dog will learn everything from you. If you already know how to do all the techniques you will not need the school. Ten minutes a day during your morning walk every morning is enough time to create a champion obedience dog. Use a choke chain when on leash and learn how to use it right. The choke chain is not tight on the dog’s neck when it’s used right.  
Be patient and loving. Your dog will know lots of words and will do lots of tricks for you by the time it’s two or three years old. This will definitely not happen instantly. Dogs are dogs, not people. If you treat your dog like a person you will actually be abusing it. Dogs love to bark, so let it bark. Encourage barking at strangers. Teach it to stop barking on just one command, “QUIET”. Do not repeat a command and do not ever shout at your dog. Dogs can hear really well. Think about that. It will obey a whispered command if it knows that you will shake it every time it does not obey your whispered command. Do not shake a dog so hard that you hurt it. Hurting the dog is absolutely not necessary, ever. The shake of the scruff is only a figurative correction. That little shake simply makes a point so the dog will know who’s the boss. Hug up the dog after you shake it. Read this again in a month or so. Good training will actually save your dog’s life because it will obey your command to sit and stay, every time. Good Luck.  


4/8/2013 8:39:56 AM
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Jun 2009
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....wth? Haha. Good post but irrelevant to this discussion

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