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Topic: Where do you ride?
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8/10/2014 8:33:20 PM
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Aug 2010
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Where do you ride?

Just went for a ride today up highway 45 and realized it had been years since I rode this highway. For Manitoba the road was in excellent shape, great scenery and lots of nice curves. Traffic was very light too. Enjoyable ride!!  
What roads near here do you like and maybe some details. We are nearing the end of season, so shoot me some good ones to try before the snow flies!  
Makes me cringe just thinking about it


8/10/2014 9:06:08 PM
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Mar 2011
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259 from Wheatland to Virden - one of my favorite local roads.


8/10/2014 10:00:51 PM
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Dec 2013
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nice ride

I like to ride through the park to Dauphin and back. Nice scenery and sweeping curves.  
I just returned from a trip to Yellowstone national park in Wyoming and Glazier national park in Montana, a definite must for a bikers bucket list.Eight days 4,000 km


8/11/2014 7:05:14 AM
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Jul 2014
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my fav ride

I would have to say my favourite ride is also through the park, but continue on west past Grandview, into Roblin and south to Russell. Highway 83 north of Russell is mostly new. Great ride.


8/11/2014 8:44:24 AM
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Jan 2011
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The only roads I've found within an hour's ride of here worth going on is 10 through the park to Dauphin... The surface is getting worse and worse through the park though, so be careful. Also if you take the Mountain Rd north of Minnedosa on 10, it's pretty fun too.  
There are a couple fun roads in North Dakota if you have a passport, south on Lake Road between highway 43 and Bottineau, for example.

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