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Topic: freelance reporter column saturday
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4/21/2015 3:58:29 PM
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Sep 2012
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freelance reporter column saturday

Okay so i am not a person to want to talk about the brandon suns write ups.. but after a few weeks of reading the paper on saturdays i read the one freelance reporters column and i feel she writes about stuff that is not interesting one also seems to be almost half of a page about a business... this last weekend it was about shoe repair...almost a half a page! Is there not other things u can write about? I and im sure others like to read the whole paper and i have to start skipping that page.ur column is just not interesting. all other reporters i love reading their write ups.. just my rant of the day  
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4/21/2015 4:43:28 PM
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Jul 2007
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Beg to Differ

I found the write up very interesting. That business has been around for years and a part of Brandon History. There are many many interesting stories about Brandon and especially it's History. Glad someone is helping to tell the story.  
A business that has been around that many years, and has served Brandon & area citizen for years, deserves a read.  

Abby :)

4/21/2015 5:26:02 PM
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Apr 2009
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The name of her column is "Business Buzz" and you are confused as to why she only writes about local business? I'm not sure what you are expecting to read about in a column by that name. If you are not interested in business why are you bothering to read it just to complain about it? smh  
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4/21/2015 5:55:53 PM
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Sep 2012
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like i said

I dont usually complain but as i feel it should catch the older and younger generations eye and the younger generation is the generation in this world we want to catch as so many younger generations is not involved in the reading of the paper and voting etc ... we should also be writing about younger generations businesses also and i havent seen that in a long time..its just my thoughts.. not saying the other reporters are perfect but a 18 year old will careless about shoe repairs as we can just buy a new pair... i just feel the paper needs to attract the younger generation also.  
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4/21/2015 6:10:38 PM
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Jan 2014
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entitled much

If it doesn't interest you, it has no business being written. As you have stated you enjoy the other articles, it sounds as though the Brandon Sun may be trying to offer a little something to everyone. I hope that many articles appeal to younger readers as I think that is important. In addition, some younger people may be interested in shoe repair.  
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4/21/2015 6:23:58 PM
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Sep 2012
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typing on my phone

So i forgot to relook over what i typed.... just because im in the younger generation doesnt mean im entitled ...i love reading the paper at my age i just feel nothing is ever written about younger generation places


4/21/2015 6:26:02 PM
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May 2012
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I Liked It!

I was really happy to read it and find out a shoe repair shop exists in Brandon as now I don't have to say goodbye to my favorite pair of boots.  
But I'm from the older generation.........


4/21/2015 7:02:06 PM
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Jun 2007
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starday said "So i forgot to relook over what i typed.... just because im in the younger generation doesnt mean im entitled ...i love reading the paper at my age i just feel nothing is ever written about younger generation places "

while i can understand you may want something that interests you im thinking papers are catering to their biggest market, which my guess would be older but, many younger people may like to read the history of the shoe repair shop in town, i liked history in my twenties IDK what younger people like to read now, im sure there are many variations of intrest  
maybe it would be better to suggest what kind of place or article would you like to read about


4/21/2015 7:56:17 PM
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Nov 2005
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Business in Brandon

Any business opening or takeover of an existing business in Brandon is always a positive. That is a newspaper column dedicated to business happenings.  
I'm not sure what would seem negative in anyone's eyes as far as someone reporting on taking on a shoe/leather repair/restore business that has been in Brandon for a very long time combined with an article that informs the public. Everybody has a need.  
Entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well and should be embraced.  
You might need those boots or a jacket repaired someday. There are many people that do.  
Hail to the shoemaker. They might eventually save your day.  
I wish nothing but the best of luck to the newcomers to Brandon - Garth and Debbie Epp from Winnipeg. I'm glad it was profiled in the Brandon Sun.  


4/21/2015 8:22:18 PM
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Nov 2010
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enjoy business column

I enjoy reading the business column every Saturday to see which businesses are opening or moving or sadly closing down. If a young person were to open a business they would appreciate the free ad on their business opening.  
There is a discussion thread here about getting boots fixed, leather repairs or zippers replaced on a regular basis. But as the opening poster said you are a younger generation which is also a disposable generation, don't fix throw it out. If you don't like the column don't read it. I hate hockey so I don't read the columns on the Wheat Kings but I don't think the paper should remove them because I don't like them.  


4/22/2015 6:50:03 AM
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Mar 2005
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Admittedly I don't get the chance to read the paper a lot but historically I've found the business column to be an excellent source of tidbits on local businesses... And part of the reason for that is the diversity of subjects that are written about.  
Everyone is going to have their own personal definition of "interesting" and nobody is going to be able to cater to all the people all the time but I'll ask the OP this. If we go on the assumption that a lot of people enjoy reading the business column, rather than simply throw stones can you constructively share three suggestions for specific subjects you would enjoy reading about in said column?  
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4/22/2015 9:06:35 AM
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Oct 2013
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I'm actually really glad this thread got posted! I think the article was informative as well as interesting. I like to consider myself in the "younger" generation even if I am on the older side of it.  
My biggest pro for this article being printed is now I know where to go to get my lifts fixed in my heels! YAY!  
I reiterate: Informative and interesting!


4/22/2015 12:01:56 PM
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Mar 2010
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everyone has a choice, read columns that peak your interest. Some of the columns are snooze fests so I don't even attempt to read.  
I must say I wish JOC was still the editor, never boring when he was at the Brandon Sun!

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