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Topic: Dental Implants
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3/21/2016 11:56:39 AM
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Feb 2009
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Dental Implants

Does anyone have experience with dental implants? Do they feel as good as real teeth? Are they comfortable, etc?  
I have a big decision to make after getting some rather disturbing news from the dentist the other day and I am on the look out for ideas.  
I need my two front teeth completely overhauled as the numerous procedures I have had done to them over the years have begun breaking down and I am at risk of loosing them if I do not do something. The teeth grew in disgusting looking and I have had so many veneers and fix ups done to them, I have just had it. The dentist of course wants to do all this work including crowns which are not covered by my pathetic insurance plan - to the tune of thousands of dollars. I am just curious if anyone out there has had the two front teeth replaced by implants and what their experience has been.  
Any idea of ballpark cost?  
I don't want to waste the periodontists' (or my own) time with a consult if they are going to be far out of my reach.  


3/21/2016 3:39:28 PM
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Jan 2009
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Without hesitation

I had a front tooth implanted, they used cow bone up behind your nose to support. It takes around 6 months from when you have your previous tooth out to the time you have your new pretty tooth, I can bite apples on it, never ever had issues it's great, wouldn't hesitate again  
There is pain during the healing of the implant which isn't dreadful. You can get a "flipper" it's a fake brace kinda thing. I also got a bleach treatment for my other teeth all in all $5000 in 2011 but you could cut that down if you didn't want the bleach or the flipper etc but in my line of work and personal preference that wasn't an option!


3/21/2016 7:00:29 PM
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Jan 2015
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Generally implants cost 5-6000$ per tooth. They can take 6-18 months to complete the entire process as there needs to be appropriate healing time between stages.  
Implants can fail, although not very common. Some cases are more complicated and require a sinus lift or bone grafting.  


3/22/2016 9:50:57 AM
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Feb 2009
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Thank you

Everyone for your stories.  
From what I am gathering they are great products but WAYYYY out of my budget.  
Guess I have to wait until I win that lottery....


3/22/2016 3:30:20 PM
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Apr 2010
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implant supported dentures

What are people's experiences with dentures that are supported with impants?


3/22/2016 5:34:16 PM
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Feb 2012
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Head South....

After many problems in terms of costs here locally a few years ago myself, better half and son headed south (Ecuador) for a vacation and to get their teeth fixed. While personally I didn't have any work done. My better half and son both did. Here was our experience.  
My Wife had the following things done.  
Deep Cleaning  
Removal of molar roots from broken tooth  
Full upper plate  
Partial Lower plate  
3 surface fillings on lower teeth  
Son had the following done.  
20+ surface fillings  
1 root canal, post, core, crown. (this was a tooth that the dentist locally screwed up)  
deep cleaning  
surgical removal of all 4 wisdom teeth.  
Total bill was $3200 from dentist.  
plane flight was a good sale and ended up being $750 each ($1950 total)  
Rented a furnished condo for a month $350.  
We found that even with the costs of getting there and a month vacation it was less than 50% of what we were quoted here for the same work. If anyone is considering this please be very careful and do your research before going anywhere to consider this. While we had a great experience I have heard horror stories from some other people.


3/22/2016 7:56:42 PM
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May 2010
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hardly any pain whatsoever. Had a bone graft then a single implant with a molar crown installed. Took about 1 year to complete the whole process for healing time etc. Pocket book is $6800.00 lighter but the tooth is great. Not sure if I would want to spend that much on the other remaining 27 teeth though. lol


4/9/2016 3:14:29 PM
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Sep 2008
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I'm in the process of having an implant done now. So far a titanium screw was placed in my jar. In a few months, I will have the crown placed. Unlike a bridge, this is permanent and the screw will keep the bone below where the root  
was from receding. If you can afford it, then do it.


4/9/2016 3:19:57 PM
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Sep 2008
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The cost was about 4000  


4/9/2016 5:01:32 PM
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Aug 2012
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Los Algodones

Friend of mine had work done in Los Algodones near Yuma. He was very pleased with the work. Cost was about a third of having it done in Winnipeg. He had to make 3 separate trips but he was wintering in Arizona so it was not too inconvenient. Most of the clients were Americans and Canadians.


4/9/2016 5:25:19 PM
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Sep 2011
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For all you people that have gotten an implant did you get any anesthesia with it or just a general needle?? I am needing to get my front tooth replaced as I had a bike incident way back in the day and I lost my tooth and root completely. I do not do well with dental work as I've had so much stuff done already. I would like to know your thoughts to ease my anxiety! Thanks


4/9/2016 11:34:58 PM
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Apr 2010
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It can be done.

It can be less painful than having a tooth removed! Usually done under local anesthetic, you can have it done while being asleep. To do that, your dentist would have to have it placed likely by an oral surgeon (there is one here in Brandon that can place the implant while asleep). But your dentist would have to collaborate with the oral surgeon with respect to having the implant placed. Getting a tooth restored on that is pretty simple.

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