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Topic: play structure in Kingsway Trailer Court
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4/21/2016 1:15:52 PM
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May 2010
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play structure in Kingsway Trailer Court

Does anybody know who owns the play structure in the Kingsway Trailer Park? Not sure if it was a community play ground or an individual's. All of those trailers are being moved or torn down I thought and I'm interested in buying the play structure. Any info would be great!  

Trevor B

4/21/2016 3:13:34 PM
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Apr 2005
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I'm pretty

sure it was abandoned by a trailer owner who relocated their trailer. Not sure who to contact.


4/22/2016 8:49:44 AM
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Aug 2008
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Hi Gencoupe,  
I was able to make a connection for you and get the phone number of the manager on site at the Kingsway property. I don't want to post that number publicly in this thread but will send it as a PM asap. Hope you're able to find the info you're looking for and secretly cursing you for having not thought of it first myself


4/22/2016 8:57:56 AM
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Mar 2005
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Slightly off topic

What is the latest plan for this piece of property? Is it a VBJ development?


4/22/2016 9:47:48 AM
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Nov 2010
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Can you pm the number as well.


4/22/2016 10:34:55 AM
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May 2010
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Great! Thanks Adam!!!  


4/22/2016 12:54:31 PM
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Jul 2008
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Royal Lepage

gowheatsgo said "What is the latest plan for this piece of property? Is it a VBJ development? "

Royal Lepage is the realtor handling this property and it is destined to be townhouses and apartments.  
After removing all the trees, it will be called The Woods. Or as I like to call it.. Was the Woods.


4/22/2016 5:04:18 PM
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Jan 2010
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I thought the area was to be a green space for condos built around it due to all the legal issues of them evicting everyone


4/22/2016 5:15:14 PM
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Apr 2009
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Lots of memories

My four children played on it for five years it used to be mine when I live there lots of memories.

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