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Topic: In search of chocolate
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7/12/2016 10:01:39 AM
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Jan 2013
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In search of chocolate

Does anyone know where I can buy these chocolate bars and candy (I have seen them in Brandon, just can't remember where)  
1. After Eight (chocolate bar)  
2. Mounds (chocolate bar)  
3. Zero (chocolate bar)  
4. Good and Plenty (candy)  
I need it for a 50th Birthday message board.  
Thanks in advance if you can help!


7/12/2016 11:31:26 AM
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May 2009
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Have you tried Bulk Barn? Might be a good place to start and I am always surprised at the selection of chocolate bars at Dollarama - maybe they would have what you are looking for. Sorry, can't say I have seen those specific brands you are searching for. Good luck


7/12/2016 11:55:27 AM
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Jul 2005
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7/12/2016 7:33:46 PM
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Mar 2013
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I'm pretty sure

I saw them at the Dollar Tree


7/16/2016 7:07:24 PM
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Jul 2010
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I've found Zero at Dollarama...  
The last time I saw After Eight was at Shoppers. It was down the candy aisle by the Lindor.  
I think Mounds is American but I could be mistaken..  
Yes, I like my chocolate, too! lol

BigD,only smaller.

7/16/2016 7:11:08 PM
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Oct 2012
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You'll only find zero at Dollarama but they were out last time I checked. Their cheaper coconut bar is pretty much the same as mounds.

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