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Topic: Looks/ appearance
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2/11/2017 11:25:15 AM
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May 2009
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Looks/ appearance

I myself get very depressed when born ugly it's does not matter what you do still have the uglyies & the older I get the worse it gets . If I had money I sure would change it up real quick ,It sure would be nice to experience what it feels like to have it going on .

plus zero

2/11/2017 11:41:07 AM
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Jan 2009
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not fun at all but the thing is we have same path in life we all get old and all get ugly. No one gets pretty as we are old we all get in the same boat.


2/11/2017 12:23:21 PM
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Jul 2005
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has some beautiful in them - inside or outside. Beautiful on the outside is not any better than on the inside.

A Weathered Heart

2/11/2017 12:48:14 PM
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Aug 2012
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Give me a beautiful soul rather than a beautiful body. Looks fade in time, for everyone.


2/11/2017 3:23:41 PM
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Nov 2012
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Sounds like....

you need better people in your life. People who don't make you think like that. Own yourself, own how you look, own how you act, own how you believe in yourself. A mirror only tells half a story.  
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2/11/2017 3:25:02 PM
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Jun 2015
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Seems to be mostly all about looks these days sadly. It is very unfortunate for us average looking people.


2/11/2017 3:38:37 PM
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Feb 2010
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Be thankful for what you do have. There are many people on this earth that don't make it past the age of two.


2/11/2017 4:16:18 PM
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Jun 2012
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It does not help when people make snide comments about your looks. People can be mean and say hurtful things that they have no business saying

A Weathered Heart

2/11/2017 7:39:40 PM
Member since:
Aug 2012
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reenie01 said "It does not help when people make snide comments about your looks. People can be mean and say hurtful things that they have no business saying "

The world has become a cold and cruel place, a lot of people going for the "looks" of someone.  
But - own what you have. Love yourself. There's power in that.

Doreen Winona Logeot

2/11/2017 10:54:33 PM
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Oct 2008
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I considered myself ugly for years. I got "those" remarks in school and one time went to a co-ed summer camp and had a very rude comment made at me by a young man. This followed me for years, well into my forties. One day I really took a good look at all the people around me and realized 95% of the people out there are average looking and I realized that I too am average looking. I can honestly say I have never really seen an ugly person.


2/11/2017 11:40:56 PM
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Sep 2009
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Not everyone has the same ideas of beauty. My sister and I were at a business where there were twin brothers. On the way home, we were talking about how different they looked and how one was better looking than the sister even said how she almost felt sorry for twin A because he had to live with a twin who was SO much better looking. And I said, 'you mean twin B, right?' Turns out that she thought twin B was the cutie, and I thought twin A was!  
I agree with those who have posted and said that there is far more to being beautiful than just outward appearances.


2/12/2017 11:11:49 AM
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Dec 2006
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2/12/2017 9:54:51 PM
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Aug 2012
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eye of the beholder

Corny but true. You know how you can think someone is beautiful and if they are a horrible person, their looks fade in your eyes. You can also find someone beautiful once you get to know them if they are a great person.  
No one sees a person the same. What I find attractive may not be the same as others versions. It's funny how me and my friends don't think each other's husbands are that great looking but all adore our own. Looks are fleeting. Don't put too much stock in them for your self worth. We're all insecure about our looks.


2/12/2017 10:02:18 PM
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Nov 2014
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Who told

Who told you that you are ugly?  
Beauty is of inside. 80% of the people that you are looking at are fake. Let them remove their make up, then you will realized how beautiful you are.  
I don't know how you look, but try to eat healthy, dress appropriately, and maintain the God given skin you have.  
Try these three points, in a month evaluate yourself.  
Don't waste your money unnecessary.


2/13/2017 12:11:15 AM
Member since:
Jun 2012
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Very tough to do that when you have been told you are ugly and stupid and bullied all your life


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