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2/13/2017 11:08:57 AM
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Jan 2013
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Question for a friend.. What to expect when writing your air break test for class 1 or 3. Is there any hands on the day of the written air test. Or does that get done when going in for actual road test...Just would rather have him be prepared...Thanks in advance!!!


2/13/2017 12:20:31 PM
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Dec 2009
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air test

Back when I took my test there was no hands on during the written test. When I did the road test they asked if I wanted my slack endorsement on my license. It was a separate room with a slack adjuster hooked to an air pot that you had to adjust properly.


2/13/2017 3:58:14 PM
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Jul 2013
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In case there is a spelling test

It's L-I-C-E-N-S-E. Just trying to help you be prepared, and be a smart-a$$ at the same time.


2/13/2017 4:29:54 PM
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Jun 2007
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writen is just that portion, the final is in an actual truck and then slack adjustment (if they still do that with auto adjustment now?)

Brian D

2/13/2017 7:28:07 PM
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Apr 2008
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Written Only

Hi I wrote mine back in November  
As already stated there is no hand on during the written test. They are testing your theory knowledge, if you pass then you receive an authorized air brake instruction designation on your license.  
My hands on practical part came when I went for my class 1 license road test.  
There is quite a number of steps that you are required to learn and know for the practical air brake endorsement test.


2/13/2017 7:36:26 PM
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Jul 2016
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Practice test's  
That's the link to the mpi website. They have practice questions that are randomly selected from the actual tests. Helped me a lot.


2/13/2017 7:37:29 PM
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Jul 2016
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Practice test's  
That's the link to the mpi website. They have practice questions that are randomly selected from the actual tests. Helped me a lot.


2/14/2017 9:43:58 AM
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Jun 2012
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Just thought I should clarify. Once passing the written part you are not licensed to drive with Air Brakes yourself. It is like a learners permit. You still need to take the practical test on an actual truck to be fully licensed to drive with air brakes.


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