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Topic: Painting exterior stucco
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2/14/2017 11:10:34 PM
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Jan 2009
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Painting exterior stucco

I am just wondering if someone can tell me where I can rent a spray paint set-up? The stucco on my house isn't white anymore and I will have to do some painting this summer.  
Has anyone ever hired the college pro painters? What was your experience with them, did they do a professional job? How did their price compare to other professional painters?  


2/14/2017 11:32:07 PM
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Nov 2013
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use the correct paint

use the correct paint or you will be wasting your time and money. Use a stucco paint that has an Elastomeric in it.

RT Holdings

2/15/2017 6:40:27 AM
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Sep 2016
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Yes, get the proper paint. Painting stucco isn't just as easy as slapping on a little paint. Make sure you prep well or it will be a waste of time and you will have a heck of a mess.  
Never used College Pro or the various others but have seen a few quotes, I'm sure they do a good job, but be prepared to dig deep if you go this route. Good luck.


2/15/2017 6:51:41 AM
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Feb 2011
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We used College Pro painters, Meg was the young lady who set it all up and did the quote. The painter did a great job, he even painted our front door a new colour and you would think we bought it in that colour. We found them to be very professional, knowledgeable about the job at hand, and they did their best to get the work done in the time frame booked. However, with all the rain last year it was a bit delayed, but that was at no fault of theirs, it was natures call.  
Why not call a few companies to get a free quote, come spring time, and take it from there. But do it early, as they do get booked pretty quick with jobs. This is also our first winter with the new paint, so we'll see now how it held up after its first winter. But we are not to worried as they also guarantee their work.


2/15/2017 9:44:48 AM
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Apr 2016
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....if you feel comfortable doing it yourself, this will obviously be the least expensive way to go. You can rent a paint sprayer from Home Depot. As others have said, the right paint is absolutely crucial. Talk to some of the professionals at the paint stores around town. Most are quite knowledgeable. Good luck!


2/17/2017 10:17:32 PM
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Jul 2012
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did this a couple of years ago

and actually wound up hiring a guy that skin coated the house with acrylic stucco. cost more but got a new texture.  
if your on a budget then painting is a good option.  
previous posters are right about the paint, use a paint that is formulated for stucco.  
but also you will need to scrub and wash your existing stucco. Particularly if it has ever been painted before as many have been depending on the age of the house. the old paint will oxidize over the years and leave a chaulky film on top. thats gotta come off.  
good luck and have fun


2/18/2017 1:03:29 PM
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Feb 2013
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College Pro

We used College Pro 2 years ago .  
Painting looks great lots of compliments on our stucco  
Went from Brandon beige to chocolate brown with great results.  
Only issue we had was timing told 4 days, but we knew that was perfect scenario  
Ended up being 10 days , crew took off early most days, took off both weekends and  
There was some rushing near the end and overspray but they came back to clean up  
Left us happy and content with our " new house". I would recommend them to anyone.  
Just be ready for the project to take longer no matter how many times they say it won't!!

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