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Topic: Free tax filing with maximum refund in brandon
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2/28/2017 2:35:38 PM
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Sep 2016
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Free tax filing with maximum refund in brandon

Hi friends, i am new in brandon and wants to know if anyone does free tax filing with maximum refund or with low fees tax filing? Me and my husband wants to do tax return.


2/28/2017 4:11:31 PM
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Aug 2005
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you could try

you could try doing it yourself online. tax chopper charges only $9.98 and they used to give you your first tax return free. not sure ift hey still do. you can then efile your return from their site as well.


2/28/2017 5:36:39 PM
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Aug 2014
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Sent you a pm salte14


2/28/2017 8:37:32 PM
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Mar 2010
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h&;r block online

You and your husband can do it yourself online  
Free to use up to 2 returns  
Answer the simple question  
Fill in the blanks  
Net file and your done


3/1/2017 7:59:12 AM
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Mar 2011
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Revenue Canada

Go to Revenue Canada's site, they offer a bunch of free tax preparation software.  
I use Netfile. You get up to 20 free returns, and it walks you through everything, so it's error free.


3/1/2017 11:45:51 AM
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Mar 2010
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I am also interested in doing my taxes online and wondering how it works. I usually do cash back at hr block but they take so much off to process it and it is rediculous! Mine is simple and just wondering if it is completely free or if there is a fee taken off to get the refund? Do you get it through the mail or a direct deposit?


3/1/2017 2:51:23 PM
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Mar 2008
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On line income tax

Not all are free. So check before doing. I use Simple Tax, which is free no matter the complexity of your return. You can, however, make a donation when done as it helps them continue to develop and maintain their product.  
And in answer to your other questions:  
1) No, there is no fee for filing your return. You simply "click" do it when completed.  
2) If you have set up direct deposit for government cheques any refund will be directly deposited into your bank account. If not, you'll receive your refund cheque in the mail.  
It takes about 8-10 working days from the day you electronically file to receive your refund.

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