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Topic: 3D printer
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3/13/2017 12:07:43 AM
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Jan 2014
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3D printer

Has anyone bought a low cost ($200 - $300), and if so, which one did you purchase, how much was it, and how well does it work?


3/20/2017 11:46:57 PM
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Mar 2017
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3D printer

I actually did buy one from china. Its a tevo tarantula reprap. Im just about done building it and everything seems to work fine but I don't know how to load a file onto a sd card or a usb stick to make it print. Im still learning but the main part of the printer works! It was 284 Canadian by the time it got here and about 38 hours to build. It would only take about 10 hours to build if the instructions were good.


3/21/2017 9:33:03 AM
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Jan 2013
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bought one on ebay

I purchased a $400 kit on ebay, an Anet A8 Prusa i3 Reprap a year ago. It took about 5-6 hours to assemble, and it was printing right away. I had to do a bit of fine tuning, but right now my total printing time is 23 days, 20:38 hours, and 3240.6 meters of filament, and I've replaced two nozzles, that's it. When assembling I paid attention to small details, and made sure everything was perfectly squared and leveled, so that helped. I really like it.

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