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Topic: first look ultrasound
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3/22/2017 2:21:52 PM
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Sep 2015
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first look ultrasound

What's the earliest you can get the gender determination at First look Ultrasounds? With my last baby I waited till over 20 weeks, but I'm wondering if they do it earlier? Anyone know? Thanks in advance!


3/22/2017 2:26:14 PM
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Sep 2015
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just found my answer

Well after a long time of searching I just found my answer lol for all those what want to know, gender determination is done 20 weeks plus!


3/22/2017 3:25:10 PM
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Feb 2014
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I went to see who's kickin at 18 weeks and she was able to tell me.


3/22/2017 6:07:23 PM
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Sep 2009
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These ultrasounds determine the sex of the fetus, not the gender.


3/22/2017 7:02:18 PM
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Sep 2009
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First Look Ultrasound

First Look can guarantee gender at around 18 weeks, but has been known to have found gender sooner. I know two people who recently found out gender, one was 14 weeks pregnant, and the other was 16 weeks. Highly recommend First Look! Jodi the ultrasound tech has done my ultrasounds for both of my pregnancies. I follow them on facebook, and seen they currently have a Winter Fair promotion.


3/22/2017 9:15:39 PM
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Jun 2011
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Every fetus is different and every pregnancy is different. The gestational period as well as the position of the fetus can play a huge role in gender determination.  
We went when I was 16weeks. We didn't want to know the gender but were asked after the ultrasound started if we wanted to know. We still opted out but obviously gender was able to be determined for us at that point if we were asked for confirmation we didn't want to know lmao


3/23/2017 11:18:20 AM
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May 2014
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First Look Ultrasound

We will be going back to first look next time, service was excellent


3/23/2017 1:45:58 PM
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Sep 2015
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I liked first look, but I wasn't allowed to get gender determination before 20 weeks. Which doesn't make sense for me to do as I get the anatomy scan at 19weeks lol didn't know there was another ultrasound place here in Brandon! I'll definitely give them a call! Thanks everyone


3/23/2017 2:35:03 PM
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Nov 2011
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See Who's Kickin

I just found out the gender at 17 weeks. I went to See Who's Kickin

Watch Dog

3/23/2017 6:38:07 PM
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Oct 2008
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See Who's KIckin'

See Who's Kickin' has a facebook page that shows a Easter Promo for $69 including tax. Over 80 5 star reviews in 20 months that Chantal has been in business. Check it out. Check out her pictures that she posts...fantastic.


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