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Topic: Where to go for a good Burger &; Fries
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7/12/2017 12:01:27 PM
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Aug 2009
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Where to go for a good Burger &; Fries

With the closing of 5 Guys Burgers & Fries, where do you go to get your burger & Fries ?

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7/12/2017 12:40:03 PM
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Aug 2010
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Try Barnaby's Grille

at Onanole Mb. Awesome burgers also. Only open Thurs-Sun limited hours check website.


7/12/2017 2:04:06 PM
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Jan 2007
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we used to have to drive an hour just for mcdonalds. but if u don't want to leave Brandon I second joe beevz. fantastic burgers. "the big beev" is a mans burger.


7/12/2017 2:53:35 PM
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Apr 2008
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Tastees has great tasting burgers


7/12/2017 2:55:56 PM
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Oct 2013
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Personal Faves in Town:  
The Dock Burger & The B.O.B. Burger at the Dock on Princess  
with Fries or Rings  
Also like the Burgers and Fries at the Double Decker


7/12/2017 3:10:02 PM
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Nov 2007
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I''m not really impressed by the burger and fries options in Brandon. Double Decker used to have amazing homemade burgers and fries but they''ve cheapened out on the quality for a while now. My favourite non-Five Guys is Komfort Kitchen''s burger, but unfortunately whenever I crave it, they''re closed!  
I recall Mum's making a good burger but I found their fries a bit too sweet and starchy  
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7/12/2017 4:26:06 PM
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Jan 2011
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Make a real good burger but don't go there expecting cheap fully loaded their best burger burger and large shake no fries cost me 17 bucks, but I keep going back, its a coin toss which is better 5 guys or tastee's


7/12/2017 10:19:43 PM
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Mar 2008
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Beef and Barrel. Tastees


7/12/2017 10:24:00 PM
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Oct 2015
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my go to...

The Dock or Tastees for sure... but also love me some Harvey's so that will be added to my list. They are like a subway for burgers, fresh and exactly how you like it.


7/13/2017 12:38:40 AM
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Sep 2011
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Papa cheese absolutly the best


7/13/2017 12:24:19 PM
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Jul 2017
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7/13/2017 12:58:48 PM
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Jun 2009
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Best Burger

Haven't been there this year yet. But the best burger I've had is at Glen Lea golf course.


7/13/2017 1:09:13 PM
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Sep 2016
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The best in town?

It's at The Dock on Princess and the meal is called The Dock Burger w/ Beer Fries.

Ashley Brown

7/13/2017 2:33:27 PM
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Nov 2008
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The Dock has great Burgers!  
So does Browns! They have a Hickory Burger! Get a double patty and ask for fries a little crispy! The fries there are awesome with the homemade gravy!


7/13/2017 4:03:02 PM
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Sep 2014
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Outlander said "at Onanole Mb. Awesome burgers also. Only open Thurs-Sun limited hours check website. "

I''d have more luck getting a tooth pulled at 3 a.m. than getting a table at the Barn''s.  
Although if you're up there, the place a few doors down has very good burgs.  
I think it's the mini-golf place right across from Impecunious Michael's.  
Businesses shut their doors for one reason only: the books are lousy. The product may be adequate, but it obviously didn't turn into sales volume.  
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7/14/2017 9:05:39 AM
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Aug 2012
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my favs

Tastees, the Dock and surprisingly Montanas. All three have a good burger!!!!!


7/14/2017 9:50:51 AM
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Jul 2006
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The Tavern has excellent burgers. Don't like the onion rings there though as they are very watery. I like the burgers at Applebee's too.


7/14/2017 11:18:23 AM
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Apr 2010
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We love burgers ever ! !  
Mmmmm.Baconator ! ! Now I want one for supper. Wish they were part if " Skip the Dishes " !

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