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Topic: Narcolepsy ( sleeping disorder )
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7/12/2017 1:57:14 PM
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May 2009
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Narcolepsy ( sleeping disorder )

Would like to hear from real people that have this sleeping disorder . I know someone that has sleep apnea did the testing got the machine uses it but , can still sleep around the clock & fall asleep anytime anywhere can be talking to you 1 minute and sleeping the next . So just asking for some input.


7/12/2017 3:13:29 PM
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Mar 2009
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Does this person have a diagnosis of narcolepsy or are you just wondering if that could be it?  
Years ago when I was taking anti-depressants, one of the SSRI's a tried did that to me. I would fall asleep mid-sentence, or while eating, etc. I slept all the time (I did that before taking the drugs too, it was a symptom of my depression). I was much better once I changed medications.  
Could this person be depressed or taking anti-depression medication that could be doing that?


7/12/2017 5:11:14 PM
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May 2009
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I thought they might have it .  
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7/12/2017 11:09:49 PM
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Aug 2009
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i have not

found out a reason and am not falling asleep mid sentence but I have been falling very easy in the day. I can have a tough time staying awake with in an hour of getting up. could sleep right after lunch and again in evening. the other day I slept for 4 hours in the afternoon.  
it sucks. still waiting on sleep study to come back in 2 weeks.


7/13/2017 7:38:07 AM
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Dec 2009
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I thought

My husband had narcoleptic as well.. as he too would fall asleep mid conversation. He's been diagnosed with severe OSA and now on Cpap. Best thing ever! He's sleeping, moods have changed, and is actually staying awake. However.. was told that if his oxygen levels continued to drop at night that he would need to have oxygen added. Maybe this is the reason? A diagnosis is best and doesn't take that long. Go thru manitoba health as it will cost you next to nothing vs$200 for the test.


7/13/2017 12:00:36 PM
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Nov 2012
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sleep apnea

Watching what you eat for lunch can make you very sleepy. A pasta dish high carbs and you will be sleepy.  
Also sleeping mid afternoon is the worst thing you could do you will not get your proper sleep at bedtime. Lighter meals could help. Maybe loosing some weight.


7/13/2017 7:00:14 PM
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Jul 2005
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Terrible issues with sleep

I have taken the sleep apnea test twice and do not have it.  
I am on antidepressants and will fall asleep while eating lunch for three or four hours, just sitting there. The doc does not believe it is narcolepsy and really does not answer my questions about if it could be the med.  
But, I too was beginning to wonder if it was the food I was eating? Sleeping mid afternoon does not affect my sleep at night. I always get maybe 5 hours, whether I have slept during the day or not. I have been told at this point to sleep if I feel the need, my body needs it.

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