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Topic: 34th Street Walkers
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10/12/2017 8:57:34 AM
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Jul 2013
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34th Street Walkers

To the folks walking along 34th street in the early morning darkness. I do understand not walking in the walking path at that time of the morning but Please wear a little High Vis.  


10/12/2017 5:13:32 PM
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Jul 2012
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you mean they are

walking on the road...... gotta ask why.... whats wrong with the walking path.


10/12/2017 5:18:47 PM
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Jul 2012
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as an aside to this topic.

as kids we were taught to walk on the left side of the road facing traffic.  
why does nobody do that anymore, everyone walks on the right side with traffic. So your putting your back to 4000 lbs cars coming up behind you. why do people do that.  
and it is not just kids, adults that should know better as well.  
I guess peoples sense of self preservation is not as strong as it was in years gone by.  
or maybe it is this sense of entitlement that everyone has now.


10/12/2017 5:19:41 PM
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Jan 2009
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Dark clothes

I go to work early and see lots of people walking. They are dressed in black and is almost impossible to see. I had one fellow ran in the middle of the road just about hit him. Scary


10/12/2017 5:43:10 PM
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Sep 2015
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dark clothes and cell phones

I almost hit someone the other day, they were wearing dark clothes, looking down at their cell phone, and walking out from between cars stopped at a stop sign (not at the cross walk but between the cars lined up stopped at a stop sign... nearly hit the guy...if I would have looked down for 1 second he would have had a bad ending to his day.... I don't understand some of these people


10/12/2017 5:55:42 PM
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Jun 2005
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this morning

Around 8:15am on 34th st. , a couple walking dogs could not be bothered pushing the pedestrian crossing button! What's so hard for pedestrians not pressing a button! If they can only be fined.


10/12/2017 6:19:54 PM
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Jun 2009
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Also kids on Bikes crossing streets, Not stopping, Every Bike path has a Stop Sign for bikes.  
Almost got hit by 2 kids on bikes at a Bike Path on 34th Street, they tried giving me shit for not stopping, I stopped right infront of them then I pointed out the Stop Sign for them....


10/13/2017 9:12:21 AM
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Feb 2015
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I do not know if it is the same all across Canada but here in Brandon I do not see much enforcement on safe cycling and no advertising (radio or posting) anywhere about cycling rules. You see and hear no drink and drive, no speed, no phone and drive, also during summer I hear on radio about watching and be careful for motorcycles so I do understand why when it comes for cyclists nothing is done. Also I find too many drivers not respecting cyclists as if they are a pest or do not belong on the road. No enforcement again is done for drivers driving too close to cyclist on the road. Crazy crazy no one seem to care to hit or kill a cyclist.


10/14/2017 7:06:44 AM
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Jul 2013
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The 34 Street Walking Path

Along the 34th Street pack it would be pitch black so again I see the reason to be using the road. The person was walking against the traffic flow. Just asking for a something to help the walker stand out a little more


10/14/2017 8:30:15 AM
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Feb 2014
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use your eyes

Maybe all the people having a difficult time seeing shouldn't be driving anymore?


10/14/2017 8:49:41 AM
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Jul 2005
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Couchfork said "Maybe all the people having a difficult time seeing shouldn't be driving anymore? "

and maybe the walkers should wear reflective clothing.

Happy_ Hour

10/14/2017 8:53:41 AM
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Mar 2009
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Walkers on 34th???

Has the zombie apocalypse finally arrived???  
Yes! I have been ready for ages.

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