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Brandon, Manitoba obituaries as posted on the websites of local funeral service providers.
Click on the link provided for additional details.

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Irving Leo Gardiner10/29/2012
Kenneth Edwin Crosson10/27/2012
William "Bill" Charkos10/27/2012
Irma Constance Baldrow 10/25/2012
William George Taylor 10/24/2012
Dennis Basaraba10/21/2012
Rev. Dorrie Flook10/20/2012
Adelaide Geraldine Carr 10/19/2012
Alice Elizabeth "Betty" Mansfield 10/19/2012
Joseph Roscoe10/18/2012
Gladys Williams10/17/2012
Keith Anderson10/16/2012
Robert Harry "Bob" Loader 10/16/2012
Irvin Silvius10/15/2012
Josiah Bruce Kent10/14/2012
Laura Alice Haslen 10/14/2012
Dave Gorzen10/13/2012
Gordon White10/11/2012
Faye Elaine Driedger10/10/2012
Helen Daciuk 10/10/2012
Marjorie Louise Macaulay10/10/2012
Allan Woloshen10/8/2012
Elizabeth Mennie10/8/2012
Jacob "Jake" Loewen10/8/2012
James "Jim" Eastcott10/8/2012
Lexie Gamble10/8/2012
Charles Roy "Chuck" Eggleton10/7/2012
Iris Bernice "Bee" Wagner10/7/2012
Isidore "Dora" Boschman10/7/2012
Thomas Edward Horobin 10/7/2012
William Harry Robert "Bob" Gradidge10/7/2012
William Henry Claridge 10/7/2012
Thomas "Tom" Riddick10/6/2012
Eleanor Klapp10/4/2012
Florence Birmingham10/4/2012
Donald William Thickett10/2/2012
Kathleen Bridget Dixon 10/2/2012
Hilda Beatrice Hebert 9/29/2012
William Hobbs9/29/2012
Muriel Theresa Malazdrewicz9/27/2012
Dr. Khorshed Karai-Jones 9/26/2012
Margaret (Coleman) King9/25/2012
Dennis Kim "Tippy" Tylipski9/24/2012
Sister Mona Lewandowski9/24/2012
Alan George Hay 9/21/2012
Bertha Sheppard9/20/2012
Marilyn Laura Thomson 9/20/2012
Ruth Phillips9/20/2012
Brent Clifford Anderson 9/19/2012
Florence Primrose MacKay9/17/2012
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