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Brandon, Manitoba obituaries as posted on the websites of local funeral service providers.
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Carole Hogeland11/29/2016
Cord Ravneck11/29/2016
Mabel Jean Johnston11/29/2016
Mabel Irene Tacan11/28/2016
Wesley Robinson11/28/2016
Yordanos Yosef11/27/2016
Joanne Mann11/24/2016
Greta Gabler11/23/2016
Catherine Rempel11/21/2016
Edith Marie Sambrook11/20/2016
Lorna Reilly11/18/2016
Barbara Hoy11/17/2016
John "Jack" Henry Jones11/17/2016
John Henry Jones11/17/2016
Kathleen Loretta McPhail11/17/2016
Adam Sus11/14/2016
Eberhard Peetz11/14/2016
Phyllis Eugene Bray11/14/2016
Rita Ardagh11/14/2016
Robert Larry Finlay11/12/2016
Grace Mabel Whaley11/11/2016
Violet Lea11/10/2016
Elise Henry11/9/2016
Jennie Nykoliation11/9/2016
Theodore Driediger11/8/2016
Alan Ritchie11/6/2016
Alice Summers11/6/2016
Harvey Whelpton11/6/2016
Allen Peto11/5/2016
Jack Roscoe11/5/2016
Ruth Kent11/5/2016
Scott Earl Shoemaker11/2/2016
Bruce McLaughlin10/31/2016
Peter Pomart10/31/2016
John Kozak10/30/2016
Lavina Reeves10/29/2016
Debbie Motuz10/28/2016
Philip Wurtz10/28/2016
Melinda Benn10/27/2016
George Krahn10/25/2016
Karen Swanson10/24/2016
Charles Rose10/23/2016
Doreen Wallace10/23/2016
Larry Bruce Hogue10/23/2016
Edward Farough10/22/2016
Irma Gill10/21/2016
Effie Kennedy10/20/2016
Fred Fjeldsted10/20/2016
Sharon Ross10/20/2016
Thomas Chapman10/20/2016
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