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Offer: Free White older model Friadaire 4 burner stove
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Please PM me. I don't have a cell phone just a landline at home!  
We are replacing our working white Friadaire 4 burner stove. We are still using our stove until our newer/usded stove is here to replace it which would be at most 2 wks.  
The stove still works really wells. You can be clearly see that it has been used as there are cracks on the temperature gages to set the stove's temperature/clock etc. Even with the cracks everything still works!  
Since it is being offer for free we are donating it "as is" We won't be fixing it up or repairing the cracks for anyone who is willing to take it.  
It will be first come first serve. You will have to pick it up from our home just outside of the Shilo base.  
We will not hold the strove for anyone the first person with a "locked in date/time" to pick up the stove gets it & takes it away. I prefer if someone/family could use a great working stove rather than taking it to the dump!
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