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Wish: Marriage
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This was my wish 4 months ago..."I want to get married...but the Westman area is more homophobic and I am little hesitant of doing an outdoor ceremony (as I do not want to enter a church) but am afraid of what may happen. I lost everyone coming out (including family) and now I want my own family...let me be happy"  
Well guess what, I proposed on May 3rd, and she said yes.
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5/5/2011 7:23:04 AM
Member since:
Jul 2010
COngrats! Do you need help with planning etc? PM me if you do! hugs to both of you!
Michelle Budiwski5/5/2011 8:20:45 AM
Member since:
Apr 2009
Congrats!!! Like I said before, if you need any help let me know!
5/5/2011 10:06:15 AM
Member since:
Mar 2005
congrats! I'm willing to help too!
5/5/2011 12:27:51 PM
Member since:
May 2009
Congratulations! I know of a marriage commissioner who would do the wedding for you!
5/5/2011 8:32:46 PM
Member since:
Sep 2009
Congrats! That's great news!
5/5/2011 9:22:16 PM
Member since:
Nov 2010
I know a minister who would do the ceremony if you want something more religious or traditional.  
e-mail me at  
don't PM as I don't read those not since I read on the discussions how people send you terrible messages. don't need that no PM's for me on here.
5/6/2011 7:06:30 AM
Member since:
Jan 2008
Yay!! CONGRATS!! If you need anything let me know, I will help where I am able to. :)
5/6/2011 8:01:01 PM
Member since:
Mar 2010
5/6/2011 10:37:25 PM
Member since:
Apr 2010
Congrats to you both! This is 2011 and if anyone has an issue with it they are pitiful. Have your wedding and enjoy the moment! If there is anything you need some help with or just someone to vent to or talk with let me know. Take care.
5/7/2011 3:22:28 AM
Member since:
Jan 2011
I did my own bouquets for my wedding with fake flowers they turned out gorgeous. I'd be more than happy to do yours :) let me know
5/7/2011 1:30:48 PM
Member since:
Jul 2008
Hello...I am a marriage commissioner and would be glad to perform your service for you. PM me if you want.
Leanna5/9/2011 11:37:17 AM
Member since:
Apr 2010
Congrats! Hope your wedding comes together beautifully and you both can enjoy your special day!
5/12/2011 8:37:53 AM
Member since:
Jun 2008
PM me, i got married in 2009. I made our ceremony special as i applied for my grandfather to become a commissioner of oat for a day! IT was FREE! We got married when we wanted and how we wanted and where!!!! IT was perfect! If you want information let me know!  
Congrats!! :)  

5/15/2011 10:24:13 AM
Member since:
Apr 2011
that is wonderful congrats and good luck i've been waiting to marry my girlfriend for 10 years my husband wont give me my divorce i plan for an outdoor wedding in souris victoria park there has been atleast 1 samesex wedding in that park in the last couple of years and as far as i know there was no problems
5/16/2011 10:51:09 AM
Member since:
Aug 2008
I think that's wonderful! Congrats to you both! If you need anything, let me know!!! (Who cares what other people think... a marriage is a beautiful union between two people who love one another, whether it be woman & woman, man & man, or woman & man).
Leanna5/31/2011 4:48:35 PM
Member since:
Apr 2010
How are the wedding plans coming along? Have you both set a date yet? If you need anything just PM me and I'll be happy to respond.
6/2/2011 12:44:00 AM
Member since:
Nov 2007
I would love to do the wedding photos!
6/6/2011 12:34:19 AM
Member since:
Apr 2010
Thank you for all of the supportive comments.... it isn't until next year, but if things come up... I know where to look:)
6/15/2011 5:34:45 PM
Member since:
Jun 2008
If you still are wanting to get married let me know! when i got married i had my grandfather marry us! there is a way you can apply for a temporary commissioner for a day!!  
its free and more private and sentimental.  
let me know if you want more information. or text 740-0112
11/17/2011 4:03:28 PM
Member since:
Mar 2008
Have you got married?? :)
11/17/2011 4:04:48 PM
Member since:
Mar 2008
Have you got married?? :)
11/22/2011 11:26:27 PM
Member since:
Aug 2011
I am happy that your partner said yes to your proposal. If you are requiring help for the ceremony, I recently graduated from a fashion, business and creative arts program in BC. I am capable of Visual Displays, fashion attire as I work for a bridal shop in Brandon and a suit store...I can`t help with prices because I don`t have that kind of authority but I can definately help with styles fitting different body types. I am also great with keeping to a theme, including music, creative decor and computer use for cards, invites, etc. I can be very creative with crafts too which helps with decor. I am not asking for a payment or fee, it would just be on a volunteer basis and if it works around my work schedule plus in Brandon as I don`t have transportation to get around. The opportunity to help out with weddings would be great. you can email me at  
Congratulations again

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