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Wish: Awake from the Darkness
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Wish for: Everyone

Life we know is a journey one of happiness and sadness. When I read what was going on on this site I just had to express my wish for all those that walk a dark path like myself. Now in my mid 40's and coming to realize after all this time that the sexual abuse I encountered as a child does in some ways define who you become. I mean that in a modest way a way that allows me to fully understand it defines who I am but it does not dictate that I can not confront and use that darkness. I am currently in very expensive intense therapy and my wish is for others who have walked the dartkness to understand its ok to come out to see the future without the definition of the past. My wish is that I had started this process earilier and not waited till it consumed me. I am in a mess but a good mess I guess other than the financial struggle. I face to lose alot financial by end of Feb. but I hope to find a solution. My wish is that everyone who is like me finds a way out of the darkness and face life with love , happiness and renewed joy. Wishes of heart are wishes most appreciated.

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2/1/2011 1:49:27 PM
Member since:
Nov 2010
This is one of the bravest wishes I have ever read. To be so open and give so much strength to those who are in the same boat. I only wish I had the capacity to help lessen the financial burden you face.
2/25/2011 6:39:55 PM
Member since:
Jan 2011
U r very brave indeed and I wish u only the very best and that this therapy that u are getting is the answer to ur prayers. I too was abused as a child by family members and have managed to put it behind me but it does change who u r and how u percieve things. I sometimes wonder what i would be like if it never happened but then I guess we can never go back so I can't let it run my life, therefore I choose to move forward. Good Luck
2/25/2011 7:12:46 PM
Member since:
Jul 2005
Finally... a real wish. Best of luck.
3/1/2011 1:02:34 PM
Member since:
Dec 2005
To all that that left comments and wishes, thank you. I am continuing along this path and have been forced to try to make ends meet by selling things that have been left to me from my mother but in a way I guess she would be proud that I have faced this with courage and that the loss of precious material items in exchange to be able to face life with renewed hope is a small trade off. Just wish items would move quicker and money could be found. Thank you again for your comments and best wishes.
3/1/2011 4:27:38 PM
Member since:
Jul 2009
What a great wish! now separated wife had to endure the same trauma and it tormented our marriage immensely right down to where we are right now. I wish she could read your 'wish for Everyone' because it's exactly what I would wish for her the most. I also wish you the best in overcoming your burden and find healing resources. I know how devastating it can be for oneself, family and friends.
1/25/2012 11:01:49 AM
Member since:
Dec 2005
Thought I would post a follow up so that those who are wanting to move through this darkness I can help and let you know it is not easy journey. Sinc posting my wish I have been through a roller coaster of life events. My depression and anxiety became so overwhelming I lost my job due to a issue that was driven by my ability or inability to deal with the stress and anxiety of facing your demons and taking them on with courage. My life continues to move fforward and now without a job that I loved I struggle to make sure it all worth. For those of you that are in the same boat it is worth it life is costs and lessons and you take strength for defeat and power for small steps. I must keep moving forward. I have j kids who I love and am proud of. I just wish I could give my youngest the support he needs he is hockey player one of the best in the province he works hard he is passionate and full of life fo r the game he loves. I ds struggle now because I need to come up p with dollars to get him to the next k level. I wish that all of you believe in yourselves and it will reach across the invisable boundaries and make a impact on all around you. Stay strongat the end of it all you will be a inspiration to all
1/25/2012 11:42:04 AM
Member since:
Jul 2005
I have tears forming, but happy tears for you. I too suffer depression/anxiety, but not by anything traumtic in my life, just chemical. I think you have just inspired me to work a little harder!  
Good luck in your journey.  
~ Believe ~
1/25/2012 2:32:04 PM
Member since:
Sep 2010
i am going to PM you as i dont feel comfortable telling ebrandon my story.
6/19/2012 10:28:05 AM
Member since:
Dec 2005
Well a few months have pasted and it took about 4 months before I was able to find employment again. My struggles are getting worse instead of better and I wake in the morning in dread of the day before me. I love my job but the financial strain of no employment and costs of living have left me in a dark place. I know I will come out the other side but like many of you I get tired of the fight tired of the reasons to not move forward. The road I travel is dark and lonely and even counselling and medical care does not seem to lift the viel of sadness in my life. I will remain strong for my kids but I have tpo realize something all my life I was strong I gave and could never let anyone down but now I realize it is ok to be weak to not always give and give but to admit you need help and take a helping hand. So always remember even in the darkness there is light you just have to will it and want it and fight for it. And yes you will get tired you will give up and you will feel lost but only you have the strength to look at life and see all the good that you can do . Stay strong all I am barely making it and hopefully someone holds the light. It is ok to weak to be who you are.
Kitty Price6/19/2012 2:48:08 PM
Member since:
Jul 2011
Hi There, I have PM you in hopes your pain & saddness will ease for you as time goes on.

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