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I know this is a really big thing to ask but I need help with my car payments. When I got the car I had a great job and then lost my job due to my medical conditions. I am now struggling to make my ends meet. I have thought about selling my car but I would still owe money on it and cannot walk due to feet. I need surgery on them but need to lose a great deal of weight before the doctor would do a it. I was hoping for a sizable refund due to $6000 in medical expenses but I am getting back less than $2000. I had to use up all of my savings to be eligible for income assistant and then on disability (approx.$8000). I was going to use that return to put money towards the car loan. I don't like asking for help as I like to stand on m feet. I had gotten a job last year but had to resign due to a nurological condition called idiopathic braik tumor (unless you can find me a job where I can be sitting, wear a hat and sunglasses). If anyone can help it would mean the world to me.
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Waitn' for the weekend
3/24/2016 5:47:25 PM
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Feb 2009
I should mention that my condition is not anbrain tumor but is mimics the symptoms like migranes and tremors.
3/25/2016 10:29:18 AM
Member since:
Feb 2013
make a Go fund me .

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