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Wish: Needing a little help
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I recently decided to take a little break from living with roommates, and I am finding it very difficult to keep my head above water with paying full rent and all my bills on top of that. I am working full time, and even though I am making slightly better money than min. wage, I am still struggling.  
I have already taken steps to lessen the bills, and have been searching for a higher paying job. I did succeed in getting the higher paying job, but it does not start 'til the middle of July, and even then I have to take a course that is $1200 to get certified so I can get the raise.  
A few weeks ago, my cat got sick with a UTI or FLUTD. So I rushed him to Grand Valley Animal Clinic, got him all fixed up but the bill is just under $300. I was able to apply for PetCard, and they approved a line of credit. Payments are to start August 1st, and I am stressing myself out worrying about how I can afford this other bill on top of everything I already have to pay. So I guess my wish is to hopefully find some help with the vet bill. Any little bit would be a great help, and be greatly appreciated!
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7/5/2016 5:25:50 PM
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I pm'd you

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