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Wish: Hi everyone.. Me my fiance we lost everything before we bought our first hous
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Hi everyone here is our wish .in need of help ... we lost everything while back had start some were . We had post pond our wedding .. we help our in laws my fiance parents . We stayed with them help them get back out on there feet so they didn't loose there house . Now it's been years it time for us get our first house . We had post pond our wedding. Bought our first house but we didn't no it needed alot work.. so all our money going into mortgage and Renovation cost .atfer we have storm our roof is leacking need new roof .. new window. Mostly need new roof and Jack up our floors. And now washer dryer doesn't work so we need that also we looking for new cupboard kitchen if anyone has decent. We live in rivers. I've always help other best way I can't we just overwelm buy everything 204 303 0174. Thank so much if anyone help us bring our house back to life ..
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