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Wish: Looking for a seamstress teacher!!
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When I first moved back to Brandon a couple years ago, I was looking for someone to teach me the ways of a seamstress. I have an educated background in fashion from Vancouver and I was hoping to get some more experience with configuring garment structure. I posted an ad much like this and it eas answered by a woman in shilo. She does all the alterations for the military and was willing to teach me what she knows. However at the time I had no way to get to shilo but now with a vehicle and the time to learn I was hoping to reconnect with her. If someone knows of this woman I am taking about and can patch me through to her or if she sees this I would really like to discuss the possibility of becoming a pupal. Thank you all for your time I would also be open to others willing to teach alterations/draping/full garment construction!
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Sandra O
10/10/2016 10:34:42 PM
Member since:
Aug 2009
Hi there, I believe it was me you connected with through a mutual friend that worked in the same building as me. Please feel free to pm me on here and we can find a way to get together

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