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Hello, I am a mom of a small boy and we have had a super rough go this winter. We have managed to pay all our rent and bills but that has left us with basically no money left for food. I have been very sick the last 2-3 mo ths and my boyfriend lost his job because he was staying home to look after our son when I was too sick. My disability cut me right off this month because my doc is away until April and can't renew my papers until he gets back (the doc covering for him won't do it because he doesn't really know my medical history) and I never got my GST (was relying on that) because of some oversight on my taxes and now I OWE them almost $400!! I really don't know where else to turn for help, I have called Samaritian House food bank and they are booked up for the next 2 weeks...I put my name in but that doesn't help now. If there is anybody out there who is willing to help I would be forever grateful and will pay it forward someday when I am able. I am sure my son is tired of beans n pork, spaghetti and cereal right now...but that is all we have..oh, we have a litre of milk left also.....not expecting much, but will cross my fingers....this is a sheer desperation post.....thank you for reading it.
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I would like to thank kaylagurl21 for her generosity in helping to grant my wish for some groceries for my family. I really hope to be in a position soon to pay it forward someday! My little boy is looking forward to having some of thise goodies on Friday! Thank you SO much! Forever Grateful, Sasha &; Family

Added 1/11/2017 8:34:17 PM

I just want to say a big thank you to pussinboots for helping to make my wish come true! I hope to be able to pay it forward someday! I look forward to meeting you tomorrow! Forever Thankful, Sasha &; Family

Added 1/11/2017 8:36:46 PM


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1/9/2017 8:55:02 AM
Member since:
Feb 2015
Please PM me with your address
1/9/2017 10:27:36 AM
Member since:
Mar 2009
I am assuming the person above helped with some real food, which is good because i dont have any but i do however have a bunch of home made baking goodies that i would be willing to part with if you would like.
1/10/2017 5:09:23 PM
Member since:
Feb 2015
Yes I was but I have not heard from them

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