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1/25/2011 9:27:03 PM
Member since:
Jul 2007
washing machine
A friend of mine just moved into mb housing and they have provided her with a dryer but no washing machine she spends a ton of money each week at the laundry mat and it would really help her out if I could come through for her... but shhhh... she doesnt like asking for hand outs... I told her its not a hand out its a hand up... she doesn't like it ... Read More

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1/25/2011 3:24:10 PM
Member since:
Jan 2008
Saving for DisneyWorld
I would love to sell my Wall Unit to add to our "Disney Fund". If anyone is interested please let me know. Every little bit counts! ... Read More

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1/25/2011 7:15:44 PM
Member since:
Feb 2006
I was able to make 5 wishes happen today and a couple more in the works. Whew what a day! Its great    Here are my wishes:    1. Someone who wants to buy a very inexpensive house, fully fenced yard, small garden, 3 sheds and a 3 season room in back out of the city (14 miles)    2. I am looking for a mobile ... Read More

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1/25/2011 8:29:54 PM
Member since:
Mar 2010
For me and my 3 children!
A wish, i would have to ask for an affordable 3-4 bedroom house in the George Fitton school area for 3 children and a mom! Someting else i would love but cant afford is a nice comfy sectional couch with a hide a bed as the living room is my bedroom! I sure hope i can make some wishes come true! ... Read More

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1/25/2011 2:37:13 PM
Member since:
Nov 2007
Please Grant our Wish: Swingset/Trampoline
We have two little ones and would love to have something in the backyard for them to play with them the warmer weather comes upon us. If you know someone or have one we could put it to great use! ... Read More

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1/25/2011 2:29:39 PM
Member since:
Nov 2010
Please help
My wish, as outrageous as it may seem is to find a place to live for our family. My daughter got sick a few years ago so my husband left hisjob and we moved to Winnipeg to be closer to the Chilrens hospital. It was our dream that we would come back to Brandon when my daughter was better and now that she is we moved back. My mom and her boyfriend a... Read More

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1/25/2011 7:08:45 PM
Member since:
Jan 2011
just an update to my wishes
i need a ladder, and if anyone has some insulation,or paint etc so i can do a little  fixing up of my old home, i would really appreciate it. i have a very high power bill and any insulation i could get would help. thankyou in advance ... Read More

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1/25/2011 6:08:32 PM
Member since:
Jul 2009
i need a ladder. i noticed today with the warmer weather that there is a leak coming down one of my outside walls. when i went outside i realized that the snow was melting off the make-shift roof of my back porch and draining backward into the house and all down the wall. this is only the beginning because the roof is covered in snow and i have no ... Read More

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1/25/2011 6:26:26 PM
Member since:
Oct 2009
Be able to sell some stuff
This wish has been granted!
I have an ad here on the classifieds selling my PSP game system. I can't give it away because I need the money for bills and wound up a little behind on rent so any little bit helps, however I don't want "free" money unless its from the lottery so I need to get rid of something.    A little about the unit: it is a 1000 series but its ... Read More

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1/25/2011 6:05:34 PM
Member since:
Jan 2010
Twin Captains bed for my son!
I am looking for a twin captains bed for my 3 year old son. He has a small room so the drawers would be perfect to store clothing. He is outgrowing his toddler bed and I am the only one working right now so we are not able to go out and buy a new set. If anyone has one they can part with for free or a small price that would be wonderful!  ... Read More

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Janice R.

1/25/2011 6:00:55 PM
Member since:
Dec 2007
this is a challenge wish
I have been reading these postings since the beginning and think it’s just great what human spirit there is here in Brandon and surrounding area. There is really not anything that I can wish for myself other than one thing comes to mind. It is not for myself as much as others.    Some of the common theme here is that people are in... Read More

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Laura B

1/25/2011 5:53:17 PM
Member since:
Jan 2011
So all kids can play
My wish is a wish for myself, my son and hopefully other single parents with children in hockey.    I wish that there was more help for single parents in paying for the cost of hockey registrations. I have applied for kidsport but am in that grey area where I am just above the yearly financial amount where they will help. Being a si... Read More

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Tara L.

1/25/2011 5:04:38 PM
Member since:
Nov 2010
sturdy, tall bookshelf.
Our lil' one has learned to crawl and is into EVERYTHING! The wooden crate system we currently have as shelves in our living room are not compatible with this little person! Hoping that someone has a shelf that will not topple over if she tries to pull herself up on it and we can put some of her things on the two or three bottom shelves and our f... Read More

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1/25/2011 4:51:42 PM
Member since:
Jan 2009
Photography Lessons/Equipment
A few Christmases ago, I got a Sony a200 DSLR camera. It is amazing!! I really enjoy photography, I'm good with Photoshop, and I've been lucky enough to have friends and families who enjoy being models. This is definitely something I'd like to pursue as a career, but having eleventy-million dollars in student debt makes taking lessons and buying eq... Read More

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1/25/2011 9:30:06 AM
Member since:
Mar 2008
Smoothie recipes!
This wish has been granted!
I have tried several smoothie recipes and have found none that I enjoy! I am trying to find some for a breakfast type smoothie. Some that is kind of easy, as I have 2 sons, who are 1 and 2, and don't have much time in the morning to prepare something for myself, kids come first! So if you have one that you love, please pass it on to me!  ps... Read More

Last activity: 1/25/2011 4:33:27 PM6 comments     1 likes

1/25/2011 4:14:32 PM
Member since:
Jan 2008
My wishes...
1. a smaller (27-32") true flat screen tv for my bedroom.  2. anyone who loves jewellery to contact me for information. I am trying to help out my sister-in-law who has recently started selling Silpada jewellery. If you are interested in ordering or seeing a catalogue send me a pm.  3. a newer bbq as ours is almost dead!   ... Read More

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1/25/2011 3:57:17 PM
Member since:
Aug 2008
Relaxation in Calgary
I love my wife very much, and I always enjoy doing things for her. I've tried very hard to possibly take her to Mexico (or something like that), but that doesn't seem to be working out for the past 8 years I've been trying.  There is something, though, that has come up recently that I think she would also enjoy very much. There is a concer... Read More

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1/25/2011 3:29:12 PM
Member since:
Jan 2010
book keeping tips/mini van
is for a mini van. we have a small car and there never seems to be enough room. if anyone knows were we could find a van preferably with stow and go seats in the 2007-2009 range in good condition both engin wise and body wise please pm me. also as a second wish I could use some book keeping tips...income tax coming and I'm soooooo lost!!    ... Read More

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1/25/2011 3:14:10 PM
Member since:
Feb 2010
Salt Water Fish Tank
My husband works so hard and when he comes home from work I think he deserves something to help relax him. He is very passionate about the salt water fish tank that he used to have. He is in the process of setting it up again and the water has been running through it for about a month now. The sad thing is, that it has no fish or coral in it (ju... Read More

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1/25/2011 3:05:48 PM
Member since:
Nov 2010
My Wishes
This is the most touching thread I have ever read. It is amazing to see how much heart we all have. I am so proud of all of you!    After reading all of these posts and responding to some, my next step is making a few wishes of my own...    1. My husband and I really want to have a baby...we've been married for 4 y... Read More

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1/25/2011 2:43:02 PM
Member since:
Dec 2008
Family Vacation
My family has never been on a family vacation, because we could never afford it. It would mean so much to us if we could finally have that dream vacation.    I feel like time is running out, as neither of my parents are in great health and my Mother has MS. Currently, while she struggles day to day with her illness, she is able to wal... Read More

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1/25/2011 2:35:13 PM
Member since:
Nov 2007
old videogames and systems
Wishing for any videogame systems and games that you may have that you dont want/use. I try to collect pretty much anything, new or old, console or handheld, playstation or sega or xbox or nintendo or atari or anything lol. If you got something please let me know, as well as anything that you might need, or if you would just want me to pay the good... Read More

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1/25/2011 2:32:20 PM
Member since:
Dec 2009
gently used playpen
This wish has been granted!
Hi, I am in need of a gently used playpen. My son broke his over the weekend by jumping up and down in it and it turns out that my husband is not able to fix it. This would normally not be a big deal except that I use it for my home daycare and will need one for tomorrows am nap time.    Please pm me if you are able to help.  ... Read More

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1/25/2011 2:14:18 PM
Member since:
Sep 2010
After 4 days of following and helping other I think I have nothing to lose so ill put my wish out there.    I wish for a car. We (Husband and I) were denied financing on a new to us car so we are now just waiting to hear back from a place in winnipeg that will finance people with bad credit. Im not sure if they will finance us or n... Read More

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1/25/2011 2:14:00 PM
Member since:
Jun 2010
A Pet Vacuum....
Even though I love my pets dearly, I don't need to carry their shedded hair with me! I'd really really love a pet vacuum or some sort of small vacuum designed to clean furniture. Then I can actually sit on the couch with my puppy and kitty too ... Read More

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1/25/2011 6:58:37 AM
Member since:
Jul 2007
washing machine
A friend of mine just moved into manitoba housing and they have supplied her with a dryer but she needs a washing maching, she doesnt have the money to go and buy one if anyone has a washer that she could have or buy for very cheap that would be fantastic ... Read More

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