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Hydro warns as at least two fall victim to text scam

Posted by Adam in Local News, 2/8, 11:22 AM

Manitoba Hydro has issued a warning this morning about a scam text message that’s making the rounds. 

The topic was raised last night in an eBrandon discussion thread in which members cited cases of local folks, including one who did not have a Hydro account, receiving texts claiming to be from Manitoba Hydro. In the message they were told that an error was made in their billing and were asked to click on a link to receive a purported eTransfer. 

Hydro is warning folks not to click on the link, to delete the message and to call them at 1-888-624-9376 to report. For more details including sample text messages please see below:

Generally speaking, text messaging has become a tool of choice for scammers and so awareness is key as anyone thats sold in the classifieds (in particular big ticket items) might tell you. On its page for such messages The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre cautions to "Beware of unsolicited text messages from individuals or organizations prompting you to click on an attachment or link. Do not click on any links.". The full page regarding Text Message Scams from the Anti-Fraud Centre can be found at this link.


 Manitoba Hydro text scam
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