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Green bags fitted around city trees promise to save water, time

Posted by Adam in Local News, 5/14/2019

If you did a double take in seeing the setup in great numbers of the green bags in the picture at Brandon’s Kin Park this spring you aren’t alone. 

The city appears to be following a trend in other municipalities of using the Tree Gator on young trees, with dozens of recent plantings in a South End Park now fitted with the green bag around their trunks. 

Tree Gator is a slow release watering bag that has the admirable dual purpose of being efficient with water (recommended by the manufacturer to be refilled once every 5 to 7 days) and being optimal for healthy establishment of young trees. One simply fills it, moves on with the rest of their day and trusts the bag to over several days allow a slow trickle of water to the tree’s root system through tiny holes in the bottom. 

One could presume that all of the above results in more efficient use of staff time for the city and a higher percentage of young trees establishing into healthy shade trees in future years. 

From the city’s corporate scorecard, 495 new trees were planted in 2018 with the goal of 400 more for the current year. 


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