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Nursery gives locals a crack at world’s hottest pepper

Posted by Adam in Gardening, 5/20, 10:54 AM

The Green Spot has happened onto quite the fiery ticket this spring. 

Available for short amounts of time in limited quantity has been what’s referred to as the world’s hottest pepper, the Carolina Reaper

For a little context, the heat of a pepper is measured on what’s known as the Scoville scale. A jalapeño, which many of us might consider to be a pepper with some zip, rates at a 5000 on that scale. The Carolina Reaper last year was tested and came in at... wait for it.... take a large swig of water.... 2.2 million scovilles or more than 400x the jalapeño. The Ghost Pepper, another which has received its share of attention for its kick, comes it at a near approx 1 million. 

The nursery on what was described to me as a fluke got eight Carolina Reaper plants in from their vendor earlier this spring. Those plants sold out within a day at $20 each. Because of that demand eight more were brought in this past week, their availability broadcasted and they sold out within a half hour and as of now none are available. There are attempting to get more but don’t sound optimistic due to limited availability, but if they do get a shipment in it will be shared on their social media.  

The packaging on the Carolina Reaper comes notated with the text “extremely hot, handle with care” and it does appear via a web search that eating one has even sent someone to hospital.. so one would be advised to do their research!

The nursery for a time had the Ghost Pepper in stock but have since sold out, leaving the Orange Habenero and its max 350,000 scovilles as your next-best option.

For those still looking for a more definitive chance this year to grow one of the world’s hottest, Alternative Choice Garden Centre has the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion pepper in stock in good quantity. The Trinidad Moruga Scorpion ranks as the 2nd hottest in the world with the plant rated to yield a pepper with heat as high as 2,009,231 scovilles.

Photo credit: Green Spot

Updated: May 20, 12:11pm. Added info re 2nd hottest pepper


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