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In pics: A look at 13 of Brandon’s best playgrounds

Posted by Adam in Recreation, 7/14/2019

With the fence soon to come down and the community about to have access to the newest playground to be setup within the city, now seems like a great time to reflect on some of the best structures available within Brandon.

Below is a listing of 13 of the best both on Brandon School Division property and off including Linden Lanes’ new structure that’s in the finishing stages of being setup.

Under a joint-use agreement between the City of Brandon and Brandon School Division, playgrounds on school property are available for community use during off-school hours. Specifically during the school year that would be 6pm-11pm on weekdays and 8am-11pm on weekends.

It's always recommended that a parent or caregiver observe age recommendations posted at playgrounds and make the best judgement as far as suitable use for children under their guidance.

Without further ado, in alphabetical order…

Betty Gibson School

701 12th Street
Setup in August of last year, Betty Gibson has among the newest structures available in Brandon.

Dinsdale Park

120 1st Street
While perhaps more dated than some on this list, you can’t argue with the setting alongside the river and vast greenspace at Dinsdale Park

Earl Oxford School

1930 18th Street
Centrally located off of the intersection of 18th street and Victoria Avenue. Plenty of large trees provide a level of shade for sitting that isn’t always in abundance at other playgrounds.

Green Acres School

335 Queens Ave East
Lots to keep kiddos busy at Green Acres including one of the city’s only enclosed tube slides.

Kirkcaldy School

10 Knowlton Drive
The biggest playground North of the river to make this list, Kirkcaldy includes what I believe is the biggest rock climbing wall of any structure in the city.

Linden Lanes School

49 Silver Birch Drive
The newest of the new, Linden Lanes’ playground opened for use in July of this year. Kids love the circular rope climbing structure, which is unique to any Brandon structure.

Meadows School

1220 22nd St
Slides, slides and more slides! Distinguished by its accessibility, which provides a chance to play to those who might not otherwise on most other playgrounds in the city.

New Era School

527 Louise Ave
Unique for its lower use of slides and higher emphasis on climbing including a unique net structure. Well-supported by a legacy wooden structure that received a refresh not long ago.

Parkdale Park

201 Durum Drive
I won’t profess to have the stats, but going to wager that square foot for square foot this is among the biggest in the city. Kids love the zipline! Bonus points for the old legacy wooden structure still on-site, which is still valuable as a more enclosed area for young ones to play.

Rideau Park

305 Park Street
Between the large play structure, the generously-sized playground at the community centre up the hill, the city’s biggest splash pad and swimming pool Rideau Park has it all.

Riverbank Discovery Centre

1400 Kirkcaldy Avenue
Structure is showing its age and to be honest there are probably more engaging ones that didn’t make this list. Still as the Riverbank re-emerges as a go-to recreation area, the on-site playground is an important part of the overall experience and gets a lot of use during major events. Its worth noting that an updated play area is part of the master plan for updates in progress at the Riverbank area.

Riverheights School

32 E Fotheringham Drive
Lots to do at the large setup at Riverheights School including what is as far as I know the biggest climbable net out of any playground in the city and more slides than you can shake a stick at.

Valleyview School

65 Whillier Drive
A little bit of everything including a unique shaking bridge. Becomes a destination area during the summer with the recent addition of a splash pad.

Honourable mention to Waverly Park School, Ecole Harrison and St. Augustine School in what is by no means an all-encompassing list in a city full of charming recreation options large and small for kiddos of all ages!

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