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Apple Maps car spotted on Brandon streets

Posted by Adam in Driving, 7/21/2019

Apple announced this spring that over the course of the summer and into the fall it would be driving streets and roads across Canada in a data and image collection effort. Based on the pictured sighting this morning at the South end of Brandon it’s our turn to see at least one of its cars combing through neighbourhoods as part of collection in support of its Maps service and Look Around feature. 

As part of a notice published in newspapers across the country it was stated that vehicles would “be capturing road details, signage and landmarks - all to make the most accurate and useful Maps experience possible.”  

A separate page states that collection will take place in Manitoba including the Brandon area from May through November. Collected information is said to be used in a future product update, with a focus on privacy and censoring of faces and license plates in published images. 

Cars for competing maps service Google Maps have been spotted in the area at times, causing their share of interest and discussion in the community in capturing data and images for their own product. 

As far as Apple’s current efforts, it appears multiple vehicles are in use simultaneously in the region going by a photo seen from Sunday evening showing five parked overnight at a local hotel lot. Since this post was made other unconfirmed reported sightings have come from around Westman from surrounding communities including Virden, Ninette, Gladstone, Killarney, Boissevain, Sandy Lake and presumably many more to come!

Updated: July 21, 12:40pm. Added info on other reported sightings
Updated: July 22, 8:30am. More info re multiple vehicles


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