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In pics: The vacant field that hundreds have turned into an urban farm

Posted by Adam in Gardening, 8/9, 7:06 AM

Brandon is home to a real success story in its Community Garden network, a series of 17 locations throughout the city that give gardeners of all experience levels an outlet to grow and learn in a community environment. 

Located in the city’s South end, Hummingbird Garden is the largest of the bunch. Started several years ago with just 26 gardeners, folks on-site this week told me that this year’s field is a home-away-from-home for more than 400 growing everything from sunflowers to tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, beans, beats, lettuce and everything in between with a little fruit thrown in for good measure. 

I popped by for a visit on an evening this week as many of the crops reach peak production. I really appreciated how accommodating everyone was while I hovered around with camera and enjoyed the chats I had along the way with folks that were on-site for their watering, weeding and harvest of crops that happened to be ready. The better shots I came away with are included in the gallery below. 

Photo Gallery

So many different veggies growing in one space that they all couldn't be squeezed into one shot

Stick structure for climbing beans

A great use for old tree branches

A row of onions

A well-organized plot chock full of onions

The beginning sunset shines through a planting of sunflowers

... and the moon through a plot of in-majority corn

A well-yielding setup of tomatoes

Zucchini ready for its grower to take home

Gardening crosses many cultural boundaries

Including for this fellow with a unique El Salvador connection

A gardener hard at work

... and later watering his area

Water is at a premium this summer with the lack of rain for large stretches

Another gardener sharing a drink

A great way to pass along knowledge to kiddos

... and a summer hobby for families

Anything to encourage rabbits away from what's growing

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