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Busy few weeks expected in unusually late wasp season

Posted by Adam in Local News, 8/21/2019

It’s been well-documented that Westman saw a later-than-usual onset of seasonal temperatures this past spring, a difference that’s had its effect on everything from growing season to construction. 

Those that may have let their guard down earlier this month when it comes to one of the area’s most notorious annual pests are now learning first-hand that its had an effect on some parts of the insect population including the wasp, which has just recently been seeing activity ramp up. 

According to Dave Lane, Branch Manager of Brandon’s Poulin’s Pest Control, wasp activity is 2-3 weeks behind what would be typical with the insect just recently having grown in population to the point of becoming more of a nuisance. Whereas an early spring with consistently good weather is more conducive to queens surviving and laying the season’s first eggs, this year has been the opposite.

Up to now the largest known nest dealt with locally this season has been a hornets nest said to be about the size of a volleyball, which isn’t unlike the wasp nest in the picture attached to this post that was taken in the city today. 

According to Lane, there’s an expectation that the next 2-3 weeks will be particularly busy when it comes to wasps with a reduction in population not expected until daytime highs fall below ten degrees. As temperatures cool and less plants produce food the pest becomes more aggressive toward food sources, leading to an increase in stings later in the season. 

Lane cautions to never plug the hole of a nest that may be in the ground or in the space of a home as a way of addressing the problem despite that being the first instinct of many. With serious injury being possible to one’s self or others when a nest is provoked, those not confident and experienced in safely dealing with a nest on their own are suggested to call a professional who may advise on use of a DIY product and/or be available to remove or destroy a nest first-hand. 


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