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A little paint goes a long way, Exhibit B

Posted by Adam in Recreation, 9/4/2019

In August you may have read about a series of creative crosswalk paintings being added to Brandon’s downtown core. Through the simple use of a few buckets of paint, the Brandon Downtown Development Corporation in cooperation with City of Brandon Public Works staff were able to add a little extra personality to the city’s downtown.

Now a residential sidewalk in the city is temporarily seeing another prime example of how a small amount of paint when selectively used can add a little personality and harmless fun to a stroll around city streets. 

The pic attached to this post was taken recently of the sidewalk of a West end neighbourhood and is one of several different activities painted one after the other on the stretch including this one: 

I gather the paint was initially put down as a quick test for a larger initiative of seeing the same stencils added to various city schools, though as it turns out passers-by quite often take to giving them a try. Though the designs are technically intended for kids, the real fun has come when grown adults show the kid inside when surprised by the paintings on their stroll down the street. 

The same designs are now showing up at many Brandon schools. While I get the impression the residential sidewalk test is a short-term experiment, I can’t help but wonder if there’s a little more to the idea of bringing not just crosswalks but sidewalks to life so long as a type of paint can be identified that can survive enough of our harsh winters to be worth the effort!


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