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Provincial vote: Inclusion of Spruce Woods makes Brandon a 3-riding city

Posted by Adam in Local News, 9/5, 10:26 PM

When Manitobans head to the voting booths in their respective electoral divisions on Tuesday, some Brandonites will be voting as part of a different riding than the last Provincial election even if they happen to live at the same address as they did in 2016. 

As a result of changes in 2018 to division boundaries, voters North of the Assiniboine River for the first election find themselves voting for candidates in the riding by the name of Spruce Woods, which counts a portion of the City of Brandon North of the river in its territory. The division also includes voters over a wider geographical section of Westman that encompasses communities such as Souris, Wawanesa, Glenboro and Rivers along with a host of municipalities including but not limited to the Brandon-bordering Rural Municipalities of Elton and Cornwallis. 

According to a 2018 report from the Manitoba Electoral Divisions Boundaries Commission the change was to accommodate growth in Brandon, accounting for current population and projected growth.

The Spruce Woods riding existed by the same name in the 2016 election, though in addition to gaining the portion of the City of Brandon has had areas in its South redistributed to other divisions. 

Candidates in 2019 are Gordon Beddome (Green Party), Cliff Cullen (Progressive Conservative), Jennifer Harcus (Liberal) and Justin Shannon (NDP).

The city’s other two electoral divisions, Brandon-East and Brandon-West, are divided at 18th street South of the Assiniboine River. 

Voter information cards distributed last month include details on one’s voting location. To verify what electoral division you’re in and where you can vote the direct link to the section of the Elections Manitoba website with that info is:


 Spruce Woods Constituency - provincial election
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