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Electric week: Crew appears to have installed city's Tesla Supercharger

Posted by Adam in Driving, 11/11/2019

Less than a week after the city’s first EV fast charging station went live at the site of Petro-Canada’s Highland Avenue station, a crew appears to have completed installation of Tesla’s long-anticipated Supercharger in a section of the Corral Centre property. 

The installation at Brandon is believed to be one of if not the final supercharger installations among dozens along an expanding stretch of the automaker’s charger network in Canada connecting Calgary and Ottawa. As of the time of this posting the Brandon site was not live and remained shown on a supercharger map on Tesla’s website as opening in 2019. It’s believed that the same is the case for most if not all chargers on the new portion of the network, leading to speculation that all may be brought online simultaneously as part of an upcoming event. 

When the stretch is live, Tesla chargers will be available from Halifax through to Nanaimo enabling a coast-to-coast drive for vehicle owners. 

Brandon has one known local Tesla driver with at least one more in Southwestern Manitoba, both of whom have been monitoring developments quite closely not just locally but to the network as a whole in anticipation of big changes to their travel options. 

On its website, Tesla promotes what it describes as the world’s fastest charging network in saying “plug in for about 30 minutes and grab a coffee or a quick bite to eat” with drivers receiving an app notification when their vehicle has been sufficiently charged. The local charger is believed to be what's known as a V3 Supercharger which if true would bring charge times of around 15 minutes.

Pricing for usage of the Brandon Tesla charger is not yet known. The recently launched Petro-Canada charger offers free charging for a limited time with a Petro-Canada representative indicating that plans are to implement time-based pricing on its chargers in the new year. Tesla at other chargers in Canada has billed on a per-minute basis with rates proportional to the local cost of electricity. 

I have reached out to Tesla for further context on plans for the network expansion including Brandon and will update with any further details. 


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