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Updated: Brandon to London, England in February for $668 RT

Posted by Adam in Travel, 1/20, 2:31 PM

Update: Jan 20, 10:00pm. The flight noted in this post is no longer available at the rates noted in the post below. It's always recommended searching airline and booking websites for most-current options for your intended trip and budget!

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While the news right now is dominated by a certain English trio making plans to head Canada’s way, a current flight pricing right out of our own YBR might just be one of the better opportunities one will see to at last minute do the reverse and take in the sights and sounds of their soon-to-be former home. 

Currently flights out of Brandon Municipal Airport with connections to London, England via WestJet are showing at in some cases a price point of $668 round-trip over a handful of February dates. The best-case scenario in terms of flights at that price that I could find being a February 3rd departure from Brandon, connecting through Calgary and Toronto before the overnight flight that has you landing in London just after 9am local time. 

Flights are into and out of London’s less major Gatwick airport, so it’s a good idea to research commute options ahead of time relative to what they would be if flying into much larger Heathrow. 

The return flight on February 10 certainly isn’t perfect and involves an overnight layover in Calgary before taking the 9:15AM flight back home to Brandon on February 11. Other dates, trip lengths, connections and layover options are available at the price point and are worth researching. For example there's a return flight that adds only $8 to your entire trip that eliminates one of the connections needed on the return trip home. Options are available to and from Winnipeg for slightly more money plus any costs one might incur with the commute to and from the city, parking, etc.. 

Rates are at WestJet’s Basic fare, which does not allow flight changes or cancellations after 24 hours of booking (you can pay more for a different fare type in order to get that option). Interestingly when trying to book the same dates directly through the airline website’s main flight search tool one can’t net the same flights and price. Bookings would be done their their “multi-city” option, or in this case seemingly more easily through online flight/travel search services such as Google Flight which show the sub-$700 flights as options on searches for those dates as of the time of this posting. 

London's Westminster Abbey and Big Ben, on the to-do list of most tourists to the city

While early February isn’t peak Great Britain weather, some days in the not-to-distant future show forecast highs in London potentially breaking double-digits which with the right clothing decisions sure beats February normals back home. For those that prefer to travel in the Spring, the best-case April flights are showing in the low 800s and May the low 900s. Summer travel has some dates at just over $1000 round-trip. 

I make no commission from nor have any affiliation with any of the businesses or booking services noted in this post. With travel rates changing all the time, the primary purpose of travel-related posts in this section is to share what is possible from our own local airport. I make no guarantees as far as rates or features netted when one does their own search whenever they do it. I strongly advise folks to research all aspects of their potential trip against their own priorities and budget to ensure that it’s a fit for them. 

Have you come across a well below-normal rate on a trip directly out of YBR? We’d love to hear about it as the subject of a potential future post!


 Brandon to England
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