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In pictures: Opening night for the Westman Multicultural Festival

Posted by Adam in Entertainment, 1/24, 12:21 AM

The Westman Multicultural Festival kicked off on Thursday night with five of the event's ten pavilions showcasing some of the great diverse food and culture that make up our city.

I took the opportunity to pop into each of the five over the course of the night- Mexico, Ukraine, India, Metis and new kid on the block El Salvador- and have included a handful of pics in a gallery below to give a sampling of some of the entertainment and eats that are scattered at locations around the city.

The festival goes into full gear on Friday and Saturday where Thursday's pavilions will be joined by English, Jamaican, Scottish, Mauritian and Philippine for a full compliment of ten. For more details on each including locations, schedules and menus please check out http://www.gotothepavilions.com

Photo Gallery

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Dancers at the El Salvador pavilion, which made its debut at this year's festival

El Salvador entertainment

Volunteers serve up dinner at the El Salvador Pavilion

Metis pavilion

Entertainment on-stage at the Metis pavilion

Serving up an Elk smokie at the Metis pavilion

Mexico pavilion

Entertainment at the Mexico pavilion

Dancers at the Mexico pavilion

A sampling of food at the Mexico pavilion

India Pavilion at the Provincial Ex Dome Building

Dancers at the India Pavilion

Mayor Rick Chrest gets fitted with a turban at the India Pavilion

Food ready to be served at the India Pavilion

Supper time lineup to get into the Ukrainian Pavilion

... and what awaits inside!

Dancers at the Ukrainian Pavilion

Dancers at the Ukrainian Pavilion

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